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High Desert Fires – Chris Traynor Reborn

Chris Traynor is branching off to create music with ‘High Desert Fires’. Early 2013, the band created their Facebook page and for the most part they have been under the radar for the past year. In the last month they have posted 3 songs via VIMEO. I was pleasantly surprised because they reminded me of bands like ‘The Constellations’, ‘Sea Wolf’ and ‘The Album Leaf’. Oh wait, you’ve never heard of these bands. That’s because they’re nothing like Bush and they’re not mainstream. The same is true for ‘High Desert Fires’. If you’re looking for the pulse pounding rock sound that’s exuded in nearly all of Chris’ past musical endeavors (Orange 9mm, Old School Rivals, Helmet, Institute, Bush) you’re going to be severely disappointed.

All of this made me wonder even more what is in store for Bush. Until we know, maybe for now you can enjoy ‘High Desert Fires’. The music really resonates the Chris Traynor style.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area you can catch them live. They will be performing at Mercado Sagrado on May 3rd. Tickets are limited.