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There’s a bigger world…

If you’re looking for Gavin Rossdale in the midst of his recent split you’re not going to find him with the nanny, gallivanting with brunettes in dark hallways, or any of the other nonsense situation that the tabloids are portraying. Where you will find him is involved in a number of charities. Out and about support his community and the world. Sorry to break this less sensational news to you.

Earlier this month Gavin attended a gala for “Operation Smile“. This organization helps provide surgery to child with a cleft lip or palate. For those wondering, his date, or rather dates where a married couple (friends of his).

Next is a charity auction that is being held by Celebrity Auction Doctors. Up for bids and signed CD to help benefit “WOMANKIND WORLDWIDE INC”. Rock Icons from R.E.M., Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, System of a Down, Sleater-Kinney, Devo, and Bush Personalize CD That Inspired Them All. The album they signed is by a band called “Gang of Four” called “Entertainment!”. You can bid now to help support this cause and received a CD signed by Gavin Rossdale. Ebay auction ends Oct 25.

Lastly, Gavin Rossdale has been added as a participant in this year’s “Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Event“, next month. He’s participated in this event almost every year for the past decade. This event helps support “The Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida“.