Bootlegs (Pressed CDs)

The quality of these pressings range from professional to homemade. These are listed in alphabetical order. See Bootlegs (all appearances) section for date and city. See Tour section for setlist. Not all information written on the disc is accurate, I have found incorrect dates and song titles. Hover over the album title for the Track List.

013 Live (2000)

7th Street Entry (1995) Discogs

17 Stones live at the Paradise (1995) Discogs

A Greedy Fly in Town (1997) Discogs

A Greedy Fly in Town (1997) Discogs

At The Roxy 1995 (1998)

Bizarre Festival (1997) Discogs

Brother Zen’s Diner (1996) Discogs

Bubbles (1997) Discogs

Burning (1995) Discogs

Coming Down Fast (1996) Discogs

Dead Meat in Tilburg (2000)

Eat More Bush (1997) Discogs

English Fire (2000)

Everything Zen (1995) Discogs

Fuckin’ Up (2000) Discogs

Gavin’s Birthday Party (1997) Discogs

Keep it all the Way (1996) Discogs

Live at Woodstock ’99 (1999)

Live Bomb (1996) Discogs

Live in Martinihal (1997)

Live in Seattle (1999)

Love and Death (1999) Discogs

Motorcity Bushmen (1999)

Nurburgring Solutions (2002)

Official Unreleased Product 2-28-95 Boston, MA (1995) Discogs

Official Unreleased Product 8-16-97 Koln, Germany (1997)

Overheat (1996) Discogs

Plays in a Ghost Town (2000)

Pretty on the Inside (1996) Discogs

Rotterdam (1997)

Southern Comfort (1997) Discogs

Speakers Corners (1997)

Suck it and See (1995) Discogs

Testosterone (1995) Discogs

The Agony and the Ecstacy (1996) Discogs

The Cross (1996) Discogs

The Jekill in You (1996) track 1-8 is NOT the Roxy Discogs

The Warehouse (2000)

Woodstock 1999 (1999)

Woodstock 1999 (1999)

World Domination (1997) Discogs

X-girl (1995) Discogs

Zen and the art of Noise Maintenance (1995) – track 8-15 NOT the Roxy Discogs