Revolution Blues


by Neil Young

well we live in a trailer
at the edge of town
you never see us
cause we don’t come around
got 24 little riffles
keep the population down
but we need to know
that’s why i’m hanging around

you be good to me
and i’ll be good to you
this lack of condition
i am not ? this
one time fella
i won’t like you, yeah

? to be here
it’s asleep on your lawn
met your guard dog
i’m afraid that’s gone
it’s such a drag to hear him
whinning all night long

you know that was me
with the dog is had to feed
and that’s where you pull your love

i hope you got the connection
cause i can take the rejection
i don’t believe you, yeah
i don’t believe you, yeah

i’m a barrel of laughs tonight
carbine on
keep them hopping the angriest is gone
but i’m still not happy
feel like something wrong

i got the revolution blues
i see blood in fountains
and 10 million dune buggies
coming down the mountain
i hear the Laurel Canyon
is full of fake stars
i hate the world’s living
i kill them in their cars

ah, you sucker
well, you sucker
did you fuck her
your the sucker
your the sucker
let you fuck her
let you fuck her
and now your the sucker

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“I know Gavin & Nigel love Neil Young and all, but I just don’t like him… so I can’t really get into this song. I’m no country bumpkin (not even close), but I’m rooting for ‘Sweet Home Alabama'(in the Neil Young war.)”- Laura

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