Super Fans Wanted

Are you a fan of the band BUSH? We are shooting a sizzle reel for a TV show about the love and devotion that fans have for their superstars. BUSH fans are some of the most devoted and loyal around! We would love to have you be a part of this fun event.

Happening on February 1, 2014 : 2:00pm-5:00pm: THE EXACT LOCATION TBD (in Los Angeles, CA)

If you cannot make it out to the live portion don’t worry.

Please email me at to set up a skype chat on 1/26. We will be asking questions like How long you’ve been a fan, how has this band impacted your life, what extremes have you gone to in order to make it to a show, at the end you can say a personal message to Gavin which will be presented during my interview with him next week. The Skype sessions will be recorded (both audio and video) The Get together and skype sessions will be done separately.

Please follow the BUSH ARMY WEST GET TOGETHER Facebook Event for updates.

Did you order your Bush Army shirt yet?

The tour is in full swing and the Bush Army is out and about. Get noticed and meet up with other Bush Army members.. These shirts are awesome!

Art by Athena & Ace!

Bush Army @

Bush Army Fan Stories

The Bush Army is putting together stories from the fans, by the fans. If you have a Bush concert story you would like to share please head over to

Read their first fan story now!

It’s ON! Again!

Bush’s second video for their second single ‘Baby Come Home’ has finally gained a spot in the voting section on Vh1’s Top 20 Countdown. Now all we have to do is VOTE and get it on the countdown! Head over to the voting section area and use as many devices as possible (phones, computers, iPads) to rack up as many votes a day as you can. 20 votes allotted for each device you use!! We managed to get ‘The Sound of Winter’ all the way to the #5 spot. Keep voting and watch Vh1 Top on Saturday mornings!

Vh1 Top 20 Countdown Voting


Friday is just around the corner, so don’t forget to head over to Bush’s official website and enter your photos for #BUSHPhotoFriday!


I’m not sure what this about, but on Monday Bush will be making an announcement explaining #BUSH60TIX. Check the official website as well as Twitter.



Recently @Bushofficial decided to join in with the Bush Fans on #BushPhotoFriday. You can participate weekly (on Friday) and Tweet your photos and also email in your photos to Bush so they can post it on their Website!! Exciting stuff.

#BUSHPhoto Friday Fan Gallery

Recently, the BUSH Army started #BUSHPhotoFriday on Twitter and we’d like to show off all of your work!

We are going to create a photo gallery on BUSH Official so we can put all of these great shots from our shows around the world in one place.

Each week, we’ll feature one of the band’s favorite shots on both the website and on the BUSH social networks.

To submit your shots, please email us at and include your name, twitter handle, photographers name and event it was taken at.

By sending us your photo you grant BUSH the right to use it on our website and social networks.

Spread the word and snap away!

Thank you:


Get BUSH on Saturday Night Live

The Bush Army is still rallying to get Bush on SNL as a musical guest. If you haven’t already please sign this petition. Also, don’t hesitate to tweet at the people of SNL or post a comment on their Facebook.