Random Notes

This section is a collection of blurbs, quick notes, mini-statements and any of those random notes made by or about Bush. The source has been provided if possible. These are all from magazines. For No Doubt related blurbs please go here.

Bush Cancel UK Dates!

Bush have been forced to cancel their planned UK tour.

The rising UK stars, who’d only announced one show at London’s LA2 on October 12, are committed to further dates in the US, where their ‘Sixteen Stone’ album is still in the Billboard Top 20. The band now intend to play UK gigs in November. – Kerrang!

Do you also use large commercial studios?
“Obviously with a small home studio, in a residential area, some things like drums, amped guitars or strings) are too inconvenient or just too plain loud for the neighbours; in which case I tend to go to Parr Street Studio in Liverpool – Ronnie Stone brings his Soundscape across and engineers the session, then I return to my studio to comp it all (or try and persuade Ronnie to edit 12 tracks of drums!). We recently did this on the Marli project, using Robin Goodridge, drummer from million selling band Bush. However, we managed to record all the strings for Marli’s album in my home, with long leads from the studio to the living room (making sure that the buzzing fridge was turned off in the next room, and that the seagulls didn’t make too much noise!).” – Priestman Henry (The Christians), Sydec.be, (he’s referring to Marli Buck & her album due on Sony in 2005)

“So do we love blondes or hate blondes — or both? It’s a Young Miss question, but look who you’re listening to. I’ve made millions off people loving me, hating me, hating to love me and loving to hate me — wanting to fuck me and not wanting to tell their friends about me and thinking I’m disgusting. It’s been back and forth. Still, I think I get in a lot more trouble because I’m blonde. Being blonde is about purity and virginity and also sexual availability. As for blonde men, I’ve dated them all. It’s an issue. I’ve never dated a guy with brown eyes, except for Gavin Rossdale, but he might as well have been blonde, and nobody knew that we were going out. I don’t know if I’ve even fucked a dark-haired guy in my power years — since 1989. Pre-1989, I pretty much fucked everybody. But it was because I had to get breakfast somehow.”- Courtney Love, Rolling Stone.com, ‘The Blonde Bombshell’article

“Another unforgettable evening was spent at the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Associations “Beastly Ball.” We joined over 1,000 safari clad guests strolling around the zoo grounds; supping on dinner specialties from 18 prominent restaurants. We had the opportunity to bid on several hundred remarkable silent auction items like tickets to the Jay Leno show, a walk-on role on Keith Sutherland’s TV series, 24 or the chance to have a one-hour tennis lesson with Gavin Rossdale, lead singer of Bush and hubby of Gwen Stefani.”- Marci Weiner, Entertainment Today, ‘Potpourri -Hollywood Beat’

David Carson Tidbits Concerning Past Work

I recently bought David Carson’s first two photography books “The End Of Print,” and “2nd Sight,” including his recently released ‘Fotografiks,’ which I must say is mesmerizing…

I couldn’t help but notice that in Carson’s graphic design book “2nd Sight” he talks about how he designed Bush’s cover art to “Sixteen Stone.” This is what he had to say:

“I was standing in my kitchen in Del Mar, at the sink. talking on the phone and I was telling a guy from the band Future Primitive that it was a really bad name. Then later when I am designing the sleeve he tells me that we have to mention his dog somewhere on the sleeve… and the dog is called Bush. So I suggested: there’s your name.” There are a few other meanings to the word. “One of my bigger mistakes was later turning down directing the Bush video…”

Anyhow, I find this extremely ironic, since this is the guy Trent hooks up with that not only designs the cover art to Bush’s “Sixteen Stone” but was also the guy who spawned the bands thoughts in naming them self after a dog! After all, Trent did say in SPIN, April ’97, “It shocks me to see Bush go to No. 1. Not to single them out, but I cannot respect or tolerate the lack of innovation.” We all trace each others steps some times… – nineinchnails.net, 11/15/99

Manson, 50 Cent, and Cold give the hard rock and rap oriented Interscope label control of the first three slots on The Billboard 200, a feat that hasn’t occurred since 1996. In December of that year, Interscope had the top four albums on the chart with Bush’s “Razorblade Suitcase,” Snoop Dogg’s “Tha Doggfather,” No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom,” and 2Pac’s “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.”

Brent: People in the States are a lot less fickle about there music than over here. The Brits tend to stick to one style of music; if you’re into the Jam or Oasis then it’s frowned upon to like a band like Slipknot or Deep Purple. Music movements are very insular; Mods, Skinheads, Rude boys, it’s a cult thing. It’s just not like that in the US. When I first started a band Robin Goodridge was the drummer; he had a Lambretta and was in to the scene. Time went on and he eventually joined a band called Future Primitive, they changed their name and became BUSH. Massive in the States! I went to a show at Madison Square Garden and the crowd was full of people in suits, Grunge kids, mums and dads, it was bizarre. That wouldn’t happen in the UK. I think we would go down well in the States because they’re open-minded.- Brent Yeomans (from 17 Black), mohairsweets.com

Also supporting Teenage Cancer Trust: Ade, Marc Woods, Unamerican, The Opera Babes and Bush’s Robin Goodridge. They were joined by over 200 guests, all of whom contributed generously to the success of the evening.-Teencancer.com, 24 Sept 01

Fellow musicians including Noel Gallagher and Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek have paid tribute to John Entwistle, bassist for The Who……

The news was also greeted with sadness at the Glastonbury Festival, which started on Friday in the UK.

Rock band Bush were formed in the Shepherd’s Bush, west London, close to Acton, where The Who’s first incarnation as The High Numbers began in 1963.

Drummer Robin Goodridge told BBC News Online: “I grew up with them, they were the first band that I mimed the music to. They were one of our biggest influences, they and Led Zeppelin were the backbone of English rock for many years.

“John was much imitated and never beaten.” – BBCNews, 28 June 02

Things we have learned about Gavin Rossdale through Gwen Stefani’s lyrics…

1. he wants to burn before he’s mellow (Ex-girlfriend)
2. his widerness and freedom are scary (Ex-girlfriend)
3. if he were meant to be her lover, she wouldn’t have to change him (Ex-girlfriend)
4. he’d make a good dad (simple kind of life)
5. he has a long daunting list of lovers (bathwater)
6. he, at some point, was a dog (detective and don’t let me down)
7. he knows some real bad tricks and could use some discipline (underneath it all)
8. he gets sad sometimes, perhaps as the result of an unhappy childhood (dark blue)
9. his love sometimes comes like a thunderbolt (hella good)
10. he’s attractive in a physical kind of way (underneath it all)
– Spin.com, March 03

Excerp from the article: Matchbox 20
In addition to the many radio fests and club gigs, the band gets to participate in what is being touted as the biggest rock concert in of the year, Blockbuster’s RockFest at the Texas Motor Speedway. The fest is expected to draw 300,000 people with a lineup that includes Bush, No Doubt, Counting Crows and many more. Thomas said, “I can imagine that [for] Bush and No Doubt and the Counting Crows and all [of the acts] for this music fest, there probably will be more people than any of these bands will ever get to play for, ever – 300,000 people. It’s like, man, [artists] are going to take that because that’s just fun. That’s what it’s all about.- Pollstar, 16 June 97.

Excerpt from the bio of: Lili Haydn (violin player)
Before delving into her own project, though, Lili played and recorded with a number of acts whose diversity and acclaim speak to the uniqueness of her craft: L.A. Philharmonic, the Rolling Stones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, Tony Toni Tone, Porno For Pyros, B.B. King, No Doubt, Hootie & The Blowfish, Chaka Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Bush, Tracy Chapman, Tom Petty, Me’Shelle N’dege O’cello, and the list sprawls on.

Bush guitarist Nigel Pulsford tells Allstar that D.F.F.D. was his seventh-favorite release of the year.- The Dictators web site, 2001

Excerpt from the article:Veruca Salt still rules: A talk with guitarist Nina Gordon

What’s it like being on tour with Bush? This is your first arena tour. Are you happy with it so far?

It’s a pretty great tour, in all respects. The audiences are amazing. There are a lot of girls in the audiences, whether they’re there because they have a crush on Gavin or whatever. I went to see bands because I liked the music and because I was in love with the lead singer or the drummer. It’s exciting playing for these audiences because they’re really warm and receptive. Because there’s a lot of girls in the audience, I think it’s exciting for them. They’re like, “Wow! There’s a lot of girls in the band! They rock!” It’s fun. It’s really fun playing for that many people. It’s fun just moving around an arena stage. It’s my rock and roll fantasy. – Steve Hammer, 1997

Excerpt from the article: Going on 25 Veruca Salt’s Nina Gordon on growing up too fast as

“It’s kind of a cool thing being on this Bush tour because a lot of the girls who come to see the show have a huge crush on Gavin (Rossdale, lead singer of Bush), or the other guys in the band,” Gordon said. “Maybe they see us on the stage and they think, ‘Oh, wait I can play music. I don’t just have to hang around and drool over a musician. I can be a musician.’ That’s kind of cool.” – Linette Gamboa, Grid Magazine, August 97.

Excerpt from the article:Goo Goo Dolls: LOOKING FORWARD

In addition to shining a light on the future, Malinin opened up the door to the past, sharing a few amusing stories with Dig Magazine. He took one of many cheap shots at the band Bush by telling a story from the infamous tour.

“The crew was on ELP the whole last month of the tour: Emergency Load-up Procedure. The whole effort was to get everything loaded in the bus, and drive the bus out before Bush played their first note. So we had 25 minutes.

“So the crew would be on the edge of the stage and the second we played our last note they would be on the stage packing everything up. The crew was the same way. They didn’t want to hear them again. I mean, we played 70 shows with them. When ELP was working efficiently, we’d hear the first couple notes of ‘Machine Head’ as we were pulling out of the parking lot.”

More laughs came at Bush’s expense as Malinin told how Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale was discovered “performing rave-disco at a club in England. You see, George Michael’s publicist thought he had the looks for alternative rock.”

Riley Graebner, February 1998, Dig Magazine

Excerpt from the article: Prepare to Get Dizzy: an Interview with Robby Takac

Didn’t you guys open for Bush last year?

Those were four of the most humiliating months of my life. It was just very weird. I felt like I was sandwiched between this sort of comic-bookish spectacle.

Why is that?

We write and play rock songs — that’s pretty much our deal, there’s no smoke and mirrors, no craziness or anything like that. No fanfare…

No Stonehenge…

No teenage girl camaraderie. Like, No Doubt, they’re really cool people — they were cool with us and we were cool with them, but it was just that the crowd seemed sort of bizarre to us. We weren’t used to sitting in a hockey arena full of 14 and 15 year olds. Our crowd is a little bit more diverse, and a lot of people who dug us didn’t want to pay at the $35 to sit through No Doubt, who no-one knew at the time, and certainly not Bush. Man, what happened with them? So fast, meteoric, up and down.

Who knows… maybe they’ll come back.

Yeah, you know what else is weird? Remember we were talking about the five format thing? The expectations of that? Isn’t it weird with a band like that, their first record sells six million copies and their next record sells a million and a half, and they’re talking about what a miserable failure it is. Like, wait a minute.

Gail Worley, October 1998, Ink19

Chris Coco’s diary- “What’s been happening round here? More work on the new album with Sacha Puttnam – as yet untitled, but I think we’re getting somewhere really exciting with it now. We’ve been working with my favourite guitarist, Chris Traynor, again. He’s the man who made ‘Albatross’ so special with his amazing guitar textures. This time he’s thrown us in a slightly more raw indie direction. We may yet make the perfect 21c chill album – let’s wait and see.”-21st November, 2002, chriscoco.com

Big-Hearted Stars Speak Out- Several popular British idols, including Annie Lennox, Twiggy, Dame Judi Dench, Gavin Rossdale of Bush, Jay Kay from Jamiroquai, writer Jilly Cooper and others, are wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or rather, they’ve put their hearts up for auction. Each drew a personally designed Valentine’s Day card urging the BHF to stop funding animal tests.

The stars attacked the experiments, including one in which dogs’ chests were cut open and their blood was circulated in and out of their bodies as vivisectors tried to quickly change the blood pressure in the dogs’ neck arteries.-Peta.com

“hello?we DID date
for about i dunno= six eight months

then iwent an dmet edward on flynt and he went on tour with no doubt and i had to make a choice and i did. and then so did he

btu were still really really god friends and hes loyal; and a great friend and scorpio

i think hed make liek the worlds worst boyfriend

so wehn is ay “date” i do mean on equal terms. you do the math

but i love that guy

oh i just looke dta those…..that wasnt very long ago
we got in MASS trouble…i think i was inthe chat room getting therapy a few days laater….
and someone had to fly allthe way to australia….yikes. no commento”- Courtney Love talking about Gavin on her web site

Talking about the xxx soundtrack-“The first rock single from the album will be Hatebreed’s “I Will Be Heard,” a song that was previously only available in a live version on the Tattoo the Earth album. The rock album will also feature Bush singer Gavin Rossdale’s solo debut, “Adrenaline,” a tune penned by producer Glen Ballard.”-by CHRISTINA SARACENO, rollingstone.com

Chris Coco’s biography- “…But all these developments now seem like stepping stones towards ‘Next Wave’, which yokes together all of Chris’ musical identities into one multi-layered, many-splendoured, beautifully sequenced journey. Mostly co-written with classically trained multi-instrumentalist Sacha Puttnam, Chris’ first solo album is a record whose 14 tracks stand alone as emphatic statements, not as fuzzy New Age filler or pastel-hued wallpaper. A downbeat symphony full of grown-up soul and unplugged emotion, visiting all stations between autumnal regret and sky-kissing euphoria…..”

“….’Next Wave’ also features three collaborations with Glaswegian country siren Monica Queen, whose lonesome-prairie sobs graced Belle & Sebastian’s ‘Lazy Line Painter Jane’. And on ‘Falling’, there is even a highly unusual telephone vocal from Gavin Rosdale of multi-platinum rockers Bush. “Gavin might not be dead trendy, but he’s got a fucking good voice.” Chris insists. But the true vocal honours belong to Chris’s seven-year-old son, Wesley, whose verbal daydreaming inspired the sublime dubtronic lament ‘All Of My Beautiful Friends’…..”- www.chriscoco.com

Chris Coco’s discography- “Falling (G1) programmed, played and produced by Chris Coco & Sacha Puttnam written by C Mellor / S Puttnam published by Edel/Copyright Control vocals by Karen Poole, Gavin Rossdale, Chris Coco and Sacha Puttnam vocals recorded by Alan Mawdsley at Soho Recording Studios, London and Sacha Puttnam at Kilburn Lane Studio, London”-www.chriscoco.com

Teen magazine august 1997- “…his perfectly cleft chin, sharp cheekbones and untamed locks have given us many a Gavin photo op, but he only cashed in on his otherworldly good looks on one occasion. “OK, someone approached me in the street and I did a modeling job to feed my ego, but it was just once,” the babely Bushman shrugs. Of course, Gavin knows that it isn’t only his throaty growl and introspective lyrics……..”

BUSH: Inflatable- “They were Nickelback before Nickelback were Nickelback, but they don’t want any credit for that. Oh no. All they want from Nickelback is their chart placings, fame and money back. So ‘Dishy’ Gavin Rossdale, keen to keep his wife-to-be in wool-knit bikinis for the rest of her days, discards his ill-fated dalliances with the demon dance and croaks out a solid MOR orchestral ballad that covers everything from quiet Coldplay to loud Coldplay and the cornucopia of passions, nuances and bouts of cannibalistic violence inbetween. The trailer trash’ll flock to it like arseholes to a Big Brother audition, plus the chorus hints that Our Gwen’s either a) been putting it about a bit or b) is a blow-up woman. Either way, Gav’s back in Heat in a fifty grand Kansai Yamamoto kimono by August. Result!”- NME, July 2002, Mark Beaumont

“While almost every other member of alt-rock’s class of ’94–Beck, Bush, Hole, Veruca Salt…the list goes on–has severely lost relevance, Weezer are more powerful in every way.”- Spin, July 02

“Due to departure of founding guitarist Nigel Pulsford, Bush will record their next album with former Helmet guitarist Chris Traynor. Pulsford plans to work on a solo record and spend more time with his family.”- Rolling Stone, July 4-11, 2002

“Singer Courntey Love told “Vox” magazine that “Awful” name-checks Bush leader Gavin Rossdale linked romantically with Love in the past;…”-by Corey Levitan, Circus Magazine

“Momentary Lapses of Reason: The Morning After Covers (Questionable decisions made over the years ’cause we thought we could sell tons of rags and buy new cars, secure live-in table dancers and eat like Roman emperors)”

Bush #137 (December 1999) We slapped Gavin Stefa…uh, Rossdale on the cover because we thought we would attract an audience of MTV viewers, indie rockers (the band were recorded and endorsed by the Ralph Nader of Rock, Steve Albini) and high-school girls looking for something special to hang on their locker doors. Instead, we donated three-quarters of the print run to Habitat For Humanity to use as wall insulation. Good luck on your meal tick.. uh, engagement, Gav.- Alternative Press , 17th anniversary issue

The 10 Essential Grunge Albums-4. Bush: Sixteen Stone- Bush, the band everyone loved to hate, still can’t buy a break. The group was drubbed critically in the mid-’90s for being a transatlantic grunge clone and now is being drubbed commercially as newer groups such as Nickelback out “alt” it. But Sixteen Stone, like it or not, is a great record; there’s really nothing in the ’90s that matches the way “Everything Zen” and “Comedown” synthesized the Pixies’ bombast to the impatient ears of top 40. Manufactured, but in a good way.- cdnow.com, Jan 1, 1999

And UK music mag Kerrang!’s 100 coolest stars article.This list was voted on by the readers:
72. Gavin Rossdale
While Oasis and Blur squabbled over who would be first to ‘crack’ America, Bush bowled across the Atlantic and showed the Yanks that some Brits still knew how to rock. Cultural commentators may sneer at Rossdale’s pretty boy looks and alt-rock values, but as he snuggles up nightly with Gwen Stefani in one of his million pound homes we suspect Gavin’s eyes are free from tears.

Brad Arnold, from 3 doors down- We used to play a lot of covers when we were a local band because the clubs around here make you play for four hours; we didn’t have four hours worth of our songs, so we used to play about half of Bush’s Sixteen Stone at our shows. It sounds a little funny, I know, because a lot of people would say Rush or Led Zeppelin or something like that, but they were a little before my time.

I was about 16 or 17 when I heard their single “Little Things,” and I went and bought the album and put it in my CD player and it did not come out. I can still tell you every word on that record. It was something I immediately identified with. The way [Gavin Rossdale] phrased things, the way that he wrote, but kinda left some holes in places, it made me think. A good song, everybody can relate to; a great song, everybody can relate to in their own way. It made me want to write songs, so I did.- Evan Serpick, Enterainment Weekly, Feb 26, 2001

SOUND BITES Cold weather and heightened security concerns haven’t stopped several artists from announcing winter concert tours. Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, who recently became engaged to No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani, is leading his band on a monthlong U.S. tour starting Feb. 28 in Denver to support their latest album ”Golden State,” and he says he’s undeterred by post-Sept. 11 anxiety. ”I refuse to let it change the way we travel,” he tells Launch.com. ”You have to stand up to this, and you can’t…. Gwen is worried about this stuff, and, really, we’ve had a couple of moments where she’s just been pretty tearful about it and, like, what’s going to happen. I’m like, ‘Whatever is going to happen, you’re not changing it. You’re not affecting it.”’-Gary Susman, Entertainment Weekly, Jan 18, 2002

“One of the strongest musical statements [Gavin Rossdale’s] made yet.”

– rolling stone talking about the Deconstructed album

Bush finish new album

Bush are currently mixing their third album in London with co-producer Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley.

Titled ‘The Science of Things’, it will be released by Trauma/Interscope in April. It will feature 15 or 16 songs, including ‘Altered State’ and ‘Ban the Bomb’.

Following the album’s release, Bush will start a world tour. This will kick off with shows in Europe and the UK.

Random Votes
-rolling stone

Who’s music’s hottest couple?

Gavin & Gwen- 41%
Brintey & Justin- 24%
Faith & Tim- 18%
Pamela and Kid Rock- 16%

Gavin Rossdale of Bush
-complied by Lindsay Goldenberg for rolling stone December 6-13, 2001

>>Paul Auster- Moon Palace buy Auster is my favorite book. Don Delilo is similar to him in the sense that they both write so succinctly and so powerfully. Both of those writers can say more in a paragraph that most writers can say in an entire chapter.

>>A.I.- It just made me think about my life. Everyone has different opinions about it, but I thought it was true meditative film. It was very pertinent to me. It showed me how everyone’s just looking for love.

>>Roots Manuva- He’s an English rapper. It’s just about time that there was English hip-hop artist who’s just as good as DMX. His is the kind of record I can’t stop playing.

>>Miso Soup- You can make it yourself. It’s just good soybean paste and a bit of tofu. Especially when you’re run-down and life is wrenched-out, it heals you.

>>Stella Artois- I like Stella on draft. But what I don’t like doing is drinking four or five pints of it. I mean, Robin, my drummer, will drink eight pints. That’s English. It’s crazy.

Gavin Rossdale
-seventeen magazine December 1996

His holiday mood: Hard-to-read Scorp guys can seem moody during the holidays, but really they’re just being contemplative.

What to give him: flowers. Scorpios are passionate, romantic and kinda unconventional, so they’ll appreciate the gesture. Or- if he’s your main Scorp-a journal (Scorpios are also very introspective).

What he’ll give you: something more daring than you would usually wear or carry, light a bright red scarf.

Stars who do cool things for their admirers
-YM love special 1997

The entire band took a pay cut so ticket prices for their concerts wouldn’t be too high for their fans.

Gavin Rossdale Quiz
-YM love special 1997

1.In his wallet, Gavin carries a pic of:
A- Gwen Stefani, B- himself at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse, C- his dog

2.He tried to squash nasty rumors of a date with:
A-a drag queen, B- Tori Spelling, C- the girl from the smashing pumpkins

3.What was baby gavin’s very first word?
A- cookie, B- Bush, C- mom

4.This rocker Romeo was once so love-struck that he:
A-offered an ex major bucks to join his tour, B- serenaded a crush onstage, C- bought the Gwenster a kitten named Beadie.

5.Gavin’s middle name is:
A- Peter, B- Winston, C- McGregor

6.What band is God to Gavin?
A- Bush, B- Jane’s Addiction, C- No Doubt

7.When this babe really wants to look his sizzlin’ best, he:
A- slicks back those lucious locks, B- paints his nails blue, C- bathes in a tub of witch hazel.

8. Gavin says that love songs:
A-are cheesy and his album has way too many of them, B- are the only way he knows how to express his feelings for a girl, C- are the coolest thing about making music

9. When it comes to love, Gavin claims:
A-he likes to be friends with a girl before he goes out with her, B- there isn’t a sane chick in the world who wouldn’t want him, C- he’s never had a date in his life

1.C 2.A 3.A 4.A 5.C 6.B 7.B 8.A 9.A

“…In fact, despite their British heritage, Bush has been one group singled out for perhaps, ‘borrowing’ too heavily from Nirvana’s song stylings- something the band doesn’t go out of their way to deny.

‘We’ve heard people say that, and it doesn’t really bother us,’ said vocalist Gavin Rossdale. ‘We know where our music comes from, and we’re very proud of that. We don’t shy away from discussing that bands that have influenced us, nor do we question our own originality. We’re very proud of our music, and the fact that some people have chosen to compare us to Nirvana has been taken by each of us as a great compliment….’”

– hit parader

“…Bush was certainly one of the surprise success stories of 1995- and it appears as if their escalating pattern of success will continue through at least the first half of 1996. With their record label believing that there are ‘at least two more’ singles and videos to be pulled from the group’s debut album, 16 Stone, these British rockers seem well prepared for a year-long assault on the top of the charts. Band vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale had provided his band with an added advantage by emerging as one of the major ‘pin up’ stars of the mid-90’s, though the high-cheekboned frontman continues to blush at even the notion that his sex appeal has helped spur Bush’s drive to the top….”

– hit parader

“….established artists who have already released enhanced CDs, including Sarah McLachlan, Kitaro, the Residents, Bush, and the Cranberries……on Bush’s ‘Little Things’ single, you can watch frontman Gavin Rossdale lament the hardships of touring: ‘Girlfriends can fly, but my dog has to stay home.’…”

– rolling stone

“This is like a brillant bonus, an amazing, brillant thing. I could go off for about three minutes on your tape about it. I just saved you three minutes airtime. I’m really happy. I may be different in three hours time. No, this opportunity comes around for people really rarely.” ( Bush singer Gavin Rossdale, slightly excited about his band’s success.)-

hit parader

“….Bush plays their first hit first. Wow, where do you go from there?? Well, they went (thany you, Trent), sprialing downward, and I went to the Buzz stage…..”

-hit parader

“If you’re Bush, what do you do when your debut album is still selling 50,000 units a week…and you’ve got a new album’s worth of material ready to go? What you do is go back into the studio and lay those songs down on tape. Then, when the time is right (probably late summer) you hit the rock world with the second dose of Bush magic- while the taste from your first string of success is still fresh in everyone’s mouth. ‘We’re going to record when we’re ready,’ vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale explained. ‘We’re not going to tour once we’ve grown tired, and we’re not going to keep making videos for the first album. It’s time to get back to square one- and we’re ready.”

“At a recent festival in Portland, Ore., Bush singer Gavin Rossdale was devastated to find that a banana in his fruit basket had been broken in half. ‘I don’t understand how this could happen,’ a member of everclear heard him shout. ‘Who would do this?’ Adds the witness: ‘ I really thought about taking half a banana from my own plate and walking in.’…” (picture caption reads ‘Oh, the indignity’)

-rolling stone

“Gavin Rossdale, the charismatic leader of Bush admits that his band has begun to turn attention towards the creation of the all-important second album. While their debut effort, Sixteen Stone, continues to sit atop the charts, the band knows that if they don’t get to work on Disc Two soon, they run the risk of losing the momentum their initial effort has provided. ‘There are business decisions that need to be made by every band,’ he said. ‘We tend to prefer making only music choices, but the people around us have given us good advice…and they’ve told us to get to work on the next album.”

“I don’t think about success like you do when you’re young and want to jump on the road and screw loads of girls.” (Bush singer gavin Rossdale on what his feelings and goals were when Bush began.)

-hit parader

“Bush’s brush with death: While starting out in South London’s run down pubs, one of their shows was held up by robbers”

From an interview with Boy George about his autobiography ‘Take it like a man”

Can we discuss Gavin Rossdale of Bush from a second here?

Who? [laughs]

Come on, now. Let’s not be coy.

What do you want to know? It’s in the book. [laughs]

You say in the book that Marilyn [the grasp London drag fixture of the 80’s] was his boyfriend. Is that right? Have you heard from Gavin since the book came out?

I haven’t spoken to him, so I don’t know. The thing is, somebody called me about six months ago and said, ‘You’re never going to believe this! Gavin’s in this huge band in America!’ And then they said, ‘What about the book?’ And I said, ‘Well, shit happens!’ People fall in love with different types of people. It happened to me, I mean, I kissed a girl once. Do I have to say I’m ashamed of it? That kind of attitude really, really does piss me off. I just go with the view that people are sexual and that people are attracted to people for various reasons. …. I mean…it happened. Gavin should be pleased about what I didn’t put in the book!

You tell me now.



Fuck off! [laughs]

Who would’ve thought we’d see the week in which a Whitney Houston album failed to debut in the pop top 10? Her Preacher’s Wife bowed at No. 12. Blame trepidation over the soundtrack’s mostly gospel content, a hurried release without an advance single, and competition from all things Interscope. But rave reviews and the movie’s unbeatable buzz augur a chart ascent. Interscope no longer holds the top 4 positions, but the label can now claim half the top 10, thanks to Dr. Dre’s No. 6 entry. Holding on to No. 1, Bush become the first alterna-rockers to beat 1996’s sophomore jinx.BUSH,Razorblade Suitcase, Trauma/Interscope – 2 weeks on Chart.- Entertainment weekly, Oct 1, 1997

This year, organizers were hoping to lure acts like Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Eminem, Luscious Jackson and Kid Rock to the bill, but even that line-up seemed porous to some.-by BLAIR R. FISCHER, rollingstone.com (talking about Lalapalooza 1999)

Bush. Though it’s been said many times, many ways, there’s no doubt that Gavin Rossdale is a pure rock star. Even without a festive new hair color, he commandeered the stage with attitude and panache. Of course, he wouldn’t be half the genius he is without the rest of the band, especially guitarist extraordinaire Nigel Pulsford.

With their first two offerings, “Everything Zen” and “The Chemicals Between Us,” Bush staked their claim as the most mainstream band of the night. (Remember, the Foo Fighters weren’t on hand.) And by dedicating their show to the recently departed Rick Danko of the Band, they also showed they know a little bit about where rock’s roots lie.-David John Farinella, launch.com (commenting on Live 105’s Not So Silent Night, 12/21/1999)

So MuchMusic, So Little Time-(8/25/97) – MuchMusic, the Canadian equivalent (and in many ways, superior) of MTV, will hold its own MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on September 18th. Performing at this year’s ceremony are Blur, Bush (via satellite), Our Lady Peace, the Tea Party, Amanda Marshall, Corey “Sunglasses At Night” Hart, the Rascalz and Bran Van 3000; award presenters will include Moist, I Mother Earth, Holly McNarland, Carlos Morgan, Mary Jane Lamond, Mudgirl, Chantal Kreviazuk and Blur’s Damon Albarn. Viewers can vote for Favorite International Group, Favorite Canadian Group, Favorite International Video and Favorite Canadian Video by calling 1-800-226-VOTE toll-free from anywhere in Canada. Meanwhile, MTV’s Video Music Awards airs September 4th.- launch.com

Beating Around The Bush-(9/18/97) – Perhaps it’s an attempt to shed their Nirvana-knockoff image once and for all, or maybe, now that “grunge” is on the way out, they’re looking for another bandwagon to hop aboard. Either way, English rockers Bush are currently working on a remix album tentatively titled Deconstructed. Due out in late November, just in time for last-minute Christmas shopping sprees, Deconstructed will feature remixes of songs from both of Bush’s studio albums by three hot “electronic a” stars of the moment: Tricky, Goldie and Mad Grooves. The first single from the album will be Mad Grooves’ reworking of the Razorblade Suitcase track “Mouth.”-launch.com

Grammy Nominations Breakdown-01/07/1998-BEST HARD ROCK PERFORMANCE:”Swallowed'” – Bush, “Monkey Wrench” – Foo Fighters, “The Perfect Drug” – Nine Inch Nails, “People Of The Sun” – Rage Against The Machine, “The End Is The Beginning Is The End” – Smashing Pumpkins- launch.com

Gavin Avoids Hangover-(3/3/98) – Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale is lucky he has good public relations folk watching out for him.

Rossdale showed up at BMG’s post-Grammy bash without girlfriend Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, and began chatting up club kid Richie Rich, who was performing at the party wearing only panties, glitter and rollerskates.

Things quickly heated up, and a friend of Rich’s snapped a shot of the pair faking a kiss, according to the New York Post.

A man claiming to be Rossdale’s flack materialized and asked for the photo, saying it had to be “approved.” The publicist said Rossdale had been drinking, “wasn’t in the best state” and would be “sorry in the morning that he took a kissy picture with a man who looks a little like Gwen.” Rich at first refused, but the man finally persuaded him with a $100 bill.- launch.com

Crow, Babyface, Morissette Top BMI Pop Awards-05/14/1998-Publisher Of The Year was bestowed upon EMI Music Publishing. Other double honorees included David Foster, Tonic’s Emerson Hart, Brian MacLeod and Alanis Morissette. Other winners included Paula Cole, Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, Better Than Ezra, Counting Crows, Duncan Sheik, Sister Hazel, Third Eye Blind, Sting, Oasis’s Noel Gallagher, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Collective Soul’s Ed Roland, Sublime, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale, Garbage and others.-launch.com

Offspring, Korn, And Bush Rock Woodstock-07/26/1999- Bush’s 80-minute set on Friday came as something of an anticlimax to Korn’s fury, with many in the exhausted, spent crowd leaving during the show.

The band opened with “Machine Head,” “Personal Holloway,” and “Greedy Fly,” before moving into some uncharted territory. Bush played some of the new songs that will appear on the forthcoming album, The Science Of Things, including “40 Miles From The Sun,” “War Machine,” and “The Chemicals Between Us.”

Led by a shirtless Gavin Rossdale, who at one point surfed through the crowd at the front of the stage, Bush also offered plenty of hits, including “Everything Zen,” “Glycerine,” “Come Down,” “Swallowed,” and “Little Things,” as well as two covers–Neil Young’s “F–kin’ Up” and R.E.M.’s “The One I Love.”-Darren Davis and Gary Graff, Rome, N.Y, launch.com

Jewel, Bono, Wyclef, And Bush Confirmed For Net Aid-08/12/1999-The official initial list of performers participating in Net Aid includes Jewel, Bono, the Eurythmics, George Michael, Pete Townsend, Bush, Counting Crows, Wyclef Jean, Michael Kamen & Orchestra, Jimmy Page, and Robbie Williams.

The international, three-venue musical event is being staged to assist the United Nations in achieving the goal of erasing extreme poverty in the world by 2006. The three shows will take place Oct. 9 at New Jersey’s Giants Stadium, at Wembley Stadium in London, and the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.- Barry Jeckell And Darren Davis, New York, launch.com

311, Bush, And R.E.M. On World AIDS Day-12/01/1999-Bush’s Gavin Rossdale tells LAUNCH that the issue of AIDS has hit close to home. “I’ve been to two or three funerals of acquaintances. And my friend in London did a whole movie on the quilt thing, which was filmed in Hyde Park [where] they laid out all the quilts. The biggest message seemed to be [that] the whole emphasis of the day was it’s not a statistic–rather, it’s a name. It’s a person with the reverberations of family, friends, workmates, everything.”

Rossdale adds, “For someone who was reasonably ignorant of [AIDS]…it just brought it home to me.”-Darren Davis, New York, launch.com

Bush’s Rossdale Writing, Hanging In L.A.-08/07/2000-Bush vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale is hunkered down in Los Angeles right now working on new songs for a follow-up to the group’s 1999 album, The Science Of Things.

“Gavin is writing and demo-ing, and spending some time with Gwen,” a band spokesperson told LAUNCH. Gwen, of course, is his girlfriend, No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani. Meanwhile, neither the band’s spokesperson nor the office of music mogul Irving Azoff were commenting on the reports this week that Bush has dumped its former management firm in favor of Azoff’s services. Azoff represents the Eagles and Don Henley.-Neal Weiss, launch.com

Eagle-Eye Cherry, Gavin Rossdale, Noel Gallagher Honored By BMI-11/01/2000-Other songwriters and songs recognized included Bush’s Gavin Rossdale for “Chemicals Between Us,” Oasis’s Noel Gallagher for “Cigarettes And Alcohol,” and Gary Numan for his duet with Fear Factory on the remake of “Cars.”- Darren Davis, launch.com

U2, Sting, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale Among Richest Brits In 2000 -02/28/2001-U2, Sting, and Bush’s Gavin Rossdale have found a home in the top 20 of the “British Rich List,” the annual poll published recently by the nation’s Sunday Mirror newspaper. U2 landed the Number 12 spot, generating $9.5 million in earnings in 2000, while Sting and Rossdale share 13th place with Pink Floyd, the Spice Girls, and Robbie Williams, all of whom earned $9 million last year.- Gary Graff, Detroit and Neal Weiss, Los Angeles, launch.com

“Backstage at the KITS (Live 105) holiday show in San Francisco on Friday (Dec. 10), many of the performing bands got behind the wheel for a racing video game called Test Drive 6 on the Sega Dreamcast. Bush bassist Dave Parsons, Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus, and 311’s S.A. Martinez all played along for the folks at Incite Video Gaming, who put it together. Incite is a national video game magazine that caters to the music-buying market. To find out who the high scorer was, check out Incite’s March 2000 story.”-All Star