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Current Line Up

Gavin Rossdale (vocals, guitar)

Chris Traynor (lead guitar)

Robin Goodridge (drums)

Corey Britz (bass, vocals, keyboard)

Former Members

Nigel Pulsford (lead guitar, vocals)

Dave Parsons (bass)

Sacha Puttnam (keyboards)

Bush formed in 1992 shortly after vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale and guitarist Nigel Pulsford met in a London club. Realizing they shared a love for such diverse artists as The Pixies, Bob Marley, Jesus Lizard, MC5, Husker Du, and Big Black, they decided to form a band together. It wasn’t long before they recruited drummer Robin Goodridge and bassist Dave Parsons and started writing. Dave Parsons joined Bush shortly after leaving the band Transvision Vamp. Drummers such as Sasha Gervasi, Amir, Spencer Cobrin had all taken their go as Bush drummers before Robin Goodridge was made the permanent fit and thus completing the Bush lineup.

Bush played some of their earlier demos around London at the local bar scene, but none of the gigs were big enough to make them any money. During one earlier gig, Robin Goodridge was watching in the audience liked the music, but not the drummer. Robin made his way backstage after the show sharing his thoughts with Gavin. Robin’s recollection of the event:

“I got drunk Saturday night and I nearly didn’t go. But he (Gavin) phoned me again earlier that day to say, ‘Please come tomorrow’, and that second phone call made it. I thought they were great. I didn’t really like the drummer, which made me feel good. I knew I could have just sat down there and taken them up two levels in the rhythm department immediately. Got a bit drunk and told them that.”

Bush’s success didn’t come immediately. Gavin, Nigel and Robin worked as painters in the daytime and played their music at night. They also sent out their demo tapes to some radio stations. KROQ, based out of Los Angeles, added Everything Zen into their rotation. In 1994, a new record label Trauma Records picked up a few Bush demos and made a two album deal. Bush made the name change from Future Primitive. It is speculated that the label asked them to change their name over cost purposes. The name Bush would cost less to print on a CD rather than Future Primitive.

Bush’s debut album, Sixteen Stone, was recorded between January and February 1994, but wasn’t released immediately due to some internal problems within Trauma Records. Also, Gavin had been playing soccer while recording Sixteen Stone injuring his mouth which delayed the recording sessions. After Trauma Records formed a partnership with Interscope, Sixteen Stone was finally released in December 1994. In January 1995, the Black Dog Tour began in the U.S. Bush stayed on tour over a year mainly to sold out venues. Although Bush were big in the U.S. their UK status had remained unchanged, no screaming fans just a few half full clubs.

By spring of 1995, the Sixteen Stone went gold despite a stack of bad reviews. By that time Bush was successful enough in the U.S. to land a British record deal, although they weren’t able to match their American success in the U.K. Over the course of 1995, Sixteen Stone became a major hit in the U.S., with ‘Little Things’ reaching number four on the modern rock charts in the spring; later that year ‘Comedown’ and ‘Glycerine’ both reached number one on the modern rock charts, as well as crossing over into the pop Top 40. Despite their success, Bush received scathing reviews from the press and many alternative-rock critics, who believed the group was a bit too pretty for grunge. To counter such charges, the band asked Steve Albini — notorious for his abrasive productions for not only The Pixies, Nirvana and PJ Harvey, but also countless indie bands — to helm their second album.

Weeks later, Bush emerged from Abbey Road’s Studio Two with Razorblade Suitcase, 13 raw, real cuts recorded in mostly one or two takes with few overdubs. The album balanced storming rockers like ‘Personal Holloway’ and ‘Greedy Fly’ with their more introspective fare such as ‘Swallowed’ and ‘Bonedriven’;
The album was released in time for the Christmas season of 1996. Razorblade Suitcase was critically bashed too, but not as much as Sixteen Stone and the album entered the U.S. charts at number one, as well as making some headway in the UK. However, by the the spring of 1997, the album had stalled somewhat, producing only one major hit in ‘Swallowed’. But the other singles still did well enough for Razorblade Suitcase and to achieve just under triple-platinum status.

In November 1997, Bush released a remix album Deconstructed containing new versions of old Bush songs. Some of the world’s top remixers, such as Goldie (Swallowed) and Tricky (In A Lonely Place), put their spin on Bush music. The first and only single was ‘Mouth’ was remixed by Bush but under different name The Stingray. Album sales were meager.

In 2000, Bush released The Science Of Things, their third studio album. Rossdale wrote the bulk of the album during the band’s six month hiatus after its Razorblade Suitcase tour in 1998. While he had previously written many Bush songs in the heart of the city, he decided he wanted to get away from the distractions of London this time, so he journeyed to an old mansion on the Irish Coast near the city of Cork. Rossdale found the tranquility inspirational, and within six months he had recorded demos for 25 new songs. Gavin’s thoughts on this CD:

‘I didn’t want to be content just being a rock guitar band anymore… I found that a bit stifling and frustrating, and wanted to create something that came from a different angle and expressed a different side of us. I wanted to demonstrate that we’ve grown.’

‘The Chemicals Between Us’ and ‘Letting the Cables Sleep’ which moved Bush towards more of an electronic sound. During that spring, Pulsford pumped out a solo album Heavenly Toast On The Paradise Road.

After having problems with Trauma Records (Bush felt that the executives weren’t promoting the band that had practically made the label enough), Bush went off to sign a huge contract with Atlantic Records. The fifth Bush album and first for this label was released in October 2001. The album, Golden State, was produced by Dave Sardy who has worked with Marilyn Manson, among others. Support for the album was lukewarm at best. Music lovers seemed more interested in bands like Linkin Park, Nickelback, and Creed (shudder) to give much of a glance to Bush, despite awesome songs like the driving ‘The People that We Love’ (A song that had it’s title changed from ‘Speed Kills’ in the aftermath of the 9-11 terrorist attacks), and the atmospheric ‘Headful of Ghosts’. A bright spot was that Golden State was loved by the critics who had trashed Bush so much in their early years.

The Golden State Tour was the beginning of the end for Bush. The early part of the tour that took place at the end of 2001 would be the last that Bush would perform with the original line up. For the kick off of their main tour in January of 2002 Nigel Pulsford quietly bowed out to stay at home and await the birth of his newborn son. Bush decided to continue on with promoting their new album and Chris Traynor (ex-Helmet & Orange 9mm guitarist) filled in and finished out the tour. The first signs of speculation began to arise. Was it was the end for Bush or just a temporary bump in the road?

By mid-2003 the band would be giving hints to its fizzling relationship. After the split, some members branched into their own new ventures while other members moved on to try and lead a more normal life. Gavin Rossdale formed a new band called ‘Institute’ in 2005 and later moved onto his solo career in 2008.

As of June 24th, 2010, it was officially announce on KROQ radio in LA that Bush is back. Though it will not be a full reunion with all the original members the band is moving forward. Gavin Rossdale will still front the band and Robin Goodridge (drummer) is also returning. Chris Traynor (lead guitar and vocals), who finished out the final Bush tour after Nigel Pulsford’s departure, will be officially joining the band. Corey Britz (bass) , who has been touring as bassist for Gavin Rossdale solo efforts, will be replacing Dave Parsons. The band’s first show took place in Fontana, CA at KROQ’s Epicenter Twenty Ten Festival. Their first single is entitled ‘Afterlife’ was released on July 13th, 2010 and was slated to be on the upcoming album ‘Everything Always Now’. The new album was to be released in October 2010, but due to conflicts with Interscope Records Bush has postponed the release to 2011.

Announced June 15th, 2011, almost one year following the original announcement that Bush had rejoined, news of the ‘postponed’ record emerged with a September 2011 release and a new title to boot, ‘A Sea of Memories’. Bush performed a handful of summer festival shows in the interim to appease the patiently awaiting fans. Bush launched a full tour in 2011 and continued on into 2012 as opening act on Nickelback’s arena tour.

Bush is currently working on new music and have already done a handful of shows in 2013. They performed two new songs, which have not been released (House is on Fire & This Loneliness is a Killer). No word as to whether those songs will appear on Bush next album. Also, no word on when their album is going to be released. European fans can still catch the band on their upcoming summer tour.

Official Press Releases (Bios)

Sixteen Stone
Razorblade Suitcase
The Science Of Things
The Science Of Things (bio 2)
Golden State


Albini, Steve


Albini produced Bush’s second album Razorblade Suitcase, in which Bush took a lot of slack. Not because Albini wasn’t any good, but because Albini also had produced Nirvana’s album ‘In Utero’. It just made it too easy for the press to assimilate. Steve has also been in a band or two, including ‘Big Black’ and ‘Shellac’. Fun Fact, ‘Shellec’ put out an album called ‘The Futurist’ in limited release of only 779 copies. The name of every person that has a copy appears on the album cover. Which happens to be all of Bush. As far as Razorblade Suitcase goes, it was quite ironic that the only track Albini didn’t like and didn’t think had potential went on to be the biggest hit of the album, ‘Swallowed’. (steve albini)

Bacon, Francis


An English painter, who died in the mid 1980′s, has been noted many times as being Gavin’s favorite artist. Gavin has said that he wishes he could write songs like the way that Bacon paints a painting. Gavin’s favorite of the Bacon painting would be ‘The Screaming Pope’, which Bush went on to name a leg of their tour after. Currently though, his favorite might have changed. In addition Gavin does own a number of Bacon painting. If you watch the Mtv Cribs he points out a few. (francis bacon)

Black, Peter


A photographer and friend of Gavin. Pete has known Gavin since 1974 and even took the photos of Gavin’s early band ‘Midnight’ to be used for their singles and promotions. Bush even let him come along on a couple of tours and photograph the experience. Pete used this material to release two books, ‘Sixteen Stone Tour Book’ and ’8 frames per second’. His other works include shooting fashion, interiors, and pub gigs. (peter black)

Johnson, Guy (Bone)

Security Manager

Bush’s tour bus driver turned head of security. Bone has driven buses since the late 70′s and prior to that he was a hockey player for the St. Louis Blues. Bone is a nice guy when he chooses to be, but he can come up with some pretty off the wall comments. Bone has even inspired a Bush song, ‘Bonedriven’. Read our exclusive interview with Bone and read some funny Bone quotes. (guy johnson)

Chope, Sarah


Dave Parson’s girlfriend since 1994. Sarah was a freelance accountant who lived in Notting Hill, the same area of London as Dave. Back in 2000, Sarah and Dave became proud parents of their first child, Eden, born on June 9. They also had a second child in the summer of 2002, Billy. (sarah chope)

Dorrell, Dave

Band Manager

Dorrell was Bush’s manager while they were with Trauma Records, but they fired him when they switched to Atlantic. Things weren’t going well with Trauma and they weren’t going well with Dorrell also. Dorrell played a part at marketing Bush to Trauma and getting them signed. Dave is probably more well noted for being in the band ‘MARRS’ who put out the single ‘Pump Up The Volume’. (dave dorrell)

Duncan, Ross

Tour Manager

Ducan joined the Bush crew part way through Bush’s tour in 1995 as their tour manager. Duncan’s one of the few that is still with the band today. Ross is basically in charge of everything as far as the tour goes. Where the band stays, keeping tabs on stalkers, telling Gavin not to jump into the audience (which Gavin does anyways), the guest list and much more. Duncan did not tour with the band on the 2nd leg of their Golden State US tour because he went on vacation for 4 months. But he has been back on the road for Gavin’s Solo Tour. (ross duncan)

Evans, Glynis


Robin Goodridge’s former girlfriend and mother of his child Ruby Rose (born in 1996). The two had been together since 1986 and met while working together. Glynis’s family own the ice cream business that where Robin had once worked. (glynis evans)

Gervasi, Sasha


One of the original drummers for Bush (then known as Future Primitive). Gervasi left because of personal problems and was replaced by Amir, then Kevin Rooney (ex-King Blank member), next was Spencer Cobrin, and finally Robin Goodridge joined. (sasha gervasi)

Ginsberg, Allen


Well noted writer/poet, more eclectic really, who was part of the Beat generation. One of Gavin’s inspirations. In ‘Little Things’ there’s and indirect references to his work. Also, Gavin mumbles a line from Allen’s poem ‘Howl’ during the song “Machinehead’ (I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked…). (allen ginsberg)

Jed The Fish

Radio DJ

Jed the Fish the DJ contributed to the success of 16stone. Jed was the DJ at KROQ in LA that agreed to play this new unknown band on his morning show. The demo took off like mad, requests left and right. Up until now Trauma wouldn’t release Bush’s album, they didn’t think it had any singles. But once they saw the demand, Bush were up and running. So if it weren’t for Jed, Bush would probably be painting a bridge in London right now. (jed the fish)

Kahane, Rob


One of the managers at Trauma records. Help to finally get Sixteen Stone distributed. (rob kahane)

Langer, Clive & Alan Winstanley


One of UK’s legendary production teams who helped produce all of Bush’s albums up through to ‘The Science of Things’. The team also produced Marilyn’s first album in 1983. Small world. (clive langer & alan winstanley)

Lewis, Jasmine


Gavin’s ex-girlfriend, he dated her for five years. Jasmine broke up with Gavin while the Sixteen Stone Tour was still under way. Gavin just wasn’t around enough for her and their schedules conflicted. Being a model, she was sent all over the place and for Gavin being in a band, he was also sent all over the place. It just wasn’t working. But at least she can say there are a couple songs written about her, ‘Glycerine’ and ‘X-girlfriend’. Today, she is still a model. (jasmine lewis)

Lowe, Pearl


Another one of Gavin’s ex’s from the 80′s. Also, the mother of his first child (Daisy Lowe). News had surfaced in 2004 about the possibility that Gavin might be Daisy’s real father. The news was confirmed with a positive paternity test. Daisy was born in 1989. (pearl lowe)

Lowery, Ian


Former lead signer of King Blank, then when on to perform with The Screaming Blue Messiahs, which he is more noted for. According to Nigel, he has pasted away since then. (ian lowery)

Marilyn (Mazza / Peter Robinson)


An early 80′s gender bender Britpop singer. There’s no denying that Gavin has interacted and may have been friends with Marilyn in the early to mid-80′s, but what’s come out of Boy George’s mouth is a different story. Boy George has claimed that Gavin actually dated this individual, but Boy George says a lot of things to draw attention to himself. There are some picture floating around of Gavin with Marilyn, nothing racy though, just modeling shots. (marilyn)

Meekins, Dale

Guitar Technician

Guitar technician for Bush, who has been with the band since they first started touring. Meekins even filled in for Gavin after he was injured at a show in Brazil. Gavin hurt his hand so bad that Dale had to finish up that set by playing the guitar. Meekins got to play the next few dates until Gavin could play again. Now adays, he might be a guitar tech, or he might be a tour manager… depending on the circumstances. Dale had this to tell me: ‘They were going to name the album Bush, when they were Future Primitive they were gonna call the album Bush, that is. But they changed their name to Bush and named the album Sixteen Stone.’ (dale meekins)

Norland, David


Ex-member of the infamous band ‘Midnight’. Yes, ‘Midnight’. After his short stint in Gavin’s worst nightmare of a band David disappeared. Well not for long. In 1999, he resurfaced as part of a electronica duo called ‘Solar Twins’, in which Norland was signed to Maverick Records (that’s Madonna’s label). The debut album received rave reviews and not one article I’ve read has mentioned Gavin or ‘Midnight’. So lucky him. (david norland)

Pulsford, Jan


Jan, short for Janet, is Nigel’s sister and currently resides just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. In the early 80′s Jan was a background vocalist for the ‘Thompson Twins’. Jan has co-written and produced music for Cyndi Lauper as well as a number of folk artists. She helped with the release of Nigel’s solo album ‘Heavenly Toast on the Paradise Road’. Jan releases work under her production company ‘Madame La Pulse Production’ and is also in a band called ‘Athena Blue’. (jan pulsford)

Rupert & Julie


A special note was made at the end of the credits on the 16stone album. Reason being, they had pasted away the previous year in a tragic boating accident along the Thames. Supposedly Gavin was invited to go with them, but declined. (rupert & julie)

Sardy, Dave


Producer of Bush’s album Golden State. Sardy has been known to produce records for acts with more of a hardcore sound. Acts like Marilyn Mason, Orange9mm and Helmet. The last two being bands that new guitarist Chris Traynor derived from. (dave sardy)

Stefani, Gwen


Gavin’s girlfriend of 6 years, turned wife in 2002. Gavin and Gwen have two children together, Kingston James McGregor Rossdale and Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Gwen is also lead singer of ‘No Doubt’ and solo artist. (gwen stefani)



Gavin’s best friend and loyal dog, Hungarian sheepdog, a.k.a. a Puli. Gavin befriended Winston in 1989, when he found the dog neglected, abandoned and abused. Winston’s birthday is on March 4, 1989 (this is just when Gavin found him). Gavin has stated that he’s insured the dog for well over 3 million pounds, because it doesn’t cost that much to do so. If you listen carefully you’ll spot Winston howling in a few songs, ‘X-girlfriend’ and ‘Personal Holloway’. Winston is pictured on the inside cover of the Sixteen Stone album as well. Winston pasted away in 2004. (winston)