Corey Britz Biography

Current Member – 2010-present

Corey D. Britz was born July 5, 1979. He was the last official member to join Bush when surprisingly original bassist Dave Parson declined the band reunion. The transition was easy for Corey since he has been part of the touring band for Gavin Rossdale’s solo album from 2008-2009.

Corey is originally from the rural Winchester, Virginia. Coming from a musical background, his mother a professional Christian singer. One of Corey’s two sisters, Kara also has a career in the music industry. She currently is a background singer on the popular reality show ‘The Voice’. Corey’s musical skills branches out into playing guitar and piano.

In 2003, Britz join up with the rock sensation ‘The Calling’ to play bass guitar, backing vocals and keyboard on the bands 2003-2004 world tour. Corey found his way into the fan’s hearts even earning himself a dedicated fan site put together by a fan in Italy. The site has since been shut down. He is also credited for co-writing a song called ‘The Truth’ in 2005 with Alex Band and Justin Derrico which was performed by ‘The Calling’. Justin Derrico from The Calling had been childhood friend’s with Corey’s sister Kara.

Initially, Corey was recruited by Dave Stewart to do session work for Gavin Rossdale’s solo album, playing on a couple of song. Later, he was asked to go on the road as part of the tour for Wanderlust in 2008-2009. Corey also, produces music, acts and has played bass in a couple other bands. In 2009, he tried his hand in acting playing the part of Happy for a film titled Benny Bliss and the Disciples of Greatness. In 2008, he played bass for the band Lexington Queen and later in 2011 for a band called White Oak Union (both bands also included Justin Derrico). In 2011, he worked producing music for the band Damn Killer Pandas.

Corey and his wife Kristen had their first child in 2012. Since Bush was on tour at the time, Sibyl Buck filled in for a couple of shows.