Nigel Pulsford Biography

Former & Original Member – 1994-2002

Nigel Kenneth Pulsford was born on April 11, 1963. He had met Gavin Rossdale one night in a London club which ultimately lead to them creating Bush. Nigel comes from a musical family. His sister Jan found success during the early to mid 1980’s with a group called the Thompson Twins playing keyboard and touring. She also had worked with Cyndi Lauper and later Nigel would appear on one of Cyndi’s album Sisters of Avalon released in the early 90’s. As well as playing lead guitar Nigel had taken violin lessons as a child and this would help lead to his diversity in music. He studied at Bradford University in England, but dropped out before finishing. Change his career path to being being a musician. Nigel was in a number of bands (Michael Byrd and the Commercials, Taming the Outback, F1 Electric, The Charms) before joining one that would get actually get signed. Being in The Charms was a lot of work and too much trouble for Nigel to organize. It was his first chance at writing music, but the band only played one gig and then split. A year after this venture King Blank formed and was eventually signed to the Beggar’s Banquet/Situation Two label. Their first album was strong, but the follow up just didn’t have the same force. By the second album the band has revamped it name to be known as the King Blank To:Ian Lowery Group. Nigel didn’t see the band taking off so once again he called it quits.

In 1992 Nigel met with Gavin Rossdale to start a band called Future Primitive. They would later rename the band to Bush after being signed to Interscope Records. Even though the success of Bush brought all those things that dreams are made of it also it also had it issues. Rigorous touring schedules, negative media attention, time apart from family and ultimately conflicts within the band lead to Nigel departing. Many of the milestones in Nigel’s life were being interfered because of the success of Bush. in 1996 he was married at a registry office in England to his longtime girlfriend Judith. The birth of their first child Olivia occurred in 2000 while Nigel was on tour for The Science of Things. Andy Cohen of the Seattle base band Silkworm was brought in for a number of shows to fill in for Nigel. Golden State was released in 2001 and Nigel began the tour with Bush as scheduled. Their were rumors of arguments and turmoil going on backstage. Then in March of 2002 Nigel left the tour for the birth of his second child Oscar, unfortunately to never return again. The March 15 show at the Hammestein Ballroom in New York City would be his last show. The tour was finished out by Chris Traynor, from Helmet and Orange 9mm.
While still with Bush, Nigel released his own a solo album in 2000. Entitled Heavenly Toasted on Paradise Road, named after a street he used to live on. This album was completely his own, he wrote and sang everything with the exception of the last track, in which Judith Pulsford sings. Nigel carries a jazz feel through not only throughout this album, but also in his previous work with King Blank. Not like Bush at all.

Since his departure from Bush in 2002 Nigel has been producing music in the UK for artists such as David Giles and Ski Patrol. He’s also appeared on The Project‘s debut album in 2005, which is jazz based. More recently Nigel appeared in the documentary film Couldn’t You Wait by Seth Pomeroy. The film was released in 2013 and followed the career of the band Silkworm. Nigel gave a brief interview.


“It’s one of my favorite songs.”- Nigel Pulsford (talking about Wild Horses)

(interview question 1997) What’s your favorite song to cover?…”Wild Horses at present.” – Nigel Pulsford

“Pulsford has occasionally appeared with his Gibson ES-345, and he pulls out his Fifties Martin D-28 for the rare encore of the Stones’ ‘Wild Horses’.- Dale Meekins (former Bush guitar tech)