Robin Goodridge Biography

Original Member – 1994-2002

Current Member – 2010-present

Robin James Goodridge was born on September 10, 1966. He was raised in a small town near Gilford, England. Growing up, he looked up to his older brother Steven, who was a drummer. When his brother left home, he left behind his drum kit. The younger Goodridge saw his opportunity, took the pointers his brother had taught him, and learned the rest by trial and error. The Who‘s drummer Keith Moon was a big influence. Goodridge got a scholarship for electrical work, but he hated it. Throughout his teens and twenties, Robin held down odd jobs, but kept returning to music. Some of his failed attempts at being in a band were with groups such as Bob Brook,The Bunch, Rumble and he was even in a band with mod rocker Bret Yeomans (from 17 Black).

Before becoming a member of Bush, Robin split his time between the retro club act, The Beautiful People (who produced a passingly noticed album called If 60’s Were 90’s in 1994), and decorating and painting people’s homes. Robin was still part of the band Soul Family Sensation when he was approached by Bush about becoming part of their band. Goodridge decided that since the other band wasn’t making him any money anyhow, that it wouldn’t hurt to quit and join Bush.

While with Bush, Robin’s girlfriend Glynis Evans gave birth to his first child, Ruby Rose on October 5, 1996. Glynis and Robin have since broken up.

Shortly after Bush stopped touring in 2002, Goodridge worked on a side project with the band Harrington and later joined up with another band Elyss (formerly Ellis). Goodridge didn’t waste much time filling the void. The band was already established before Robin apparently replaced their drummer Ian. Goodridge departed from Elyss between 2006-2007 and reappeared in the band Spear of Destiny in 2007 then left the band in 2008 to join The Stone Gods.

In early 2010, Robin departed from The Stone Gods to return to playing with the Bush reunion. Sometime in the interim, Robin married his current wife Ellie and they has a daughter together in 2008. After the reunion of Bush, Robin relocated his family from the UK to California.

Robin Goodridge News

September 9th, 2014

It’s Robin Goodridge’s Birthday AND new Bush single out today

Happy Early Birthday to Robin Goodridge! Thank you for still being here after all these years! Hope you have a super wonderful day.

This day is even more special since Bush has dropped their first single ‘The Only Way Out’ today on iTunes. Good luck!

September 11th, 2013

Birthday Wishes

Happy ‘belated’ Birthday to Robin Goodridge! His birthday was yesterday, so not too far off. Hope it was wonderful!

September 10th, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to long time Bush member Robin Goodridge! Have a wonderful and rockin’ day! Much love – Laura

October 2nd, 2011

Robin Goodridge Drum Set Tour

Bush is back with its first new album in ten years, Sea Of Memories, so we asked longtime drummer Robin Goodridge to give us a peek at the kit he plans to use on the band’s upcoming tour. With only a couple occasional substitutions, Goodrich used the same setup ??? DW drums and hardware, Zildjian cymbals, Remo heads, and Vic Firth sticks ??? to record the band’s new album.