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The Chemicals Between Us


i want you to remember
a love so full it could send us all ways
and i want you to surrender
all my feelings arose today
and i want you to remain
the power of children can amaze
i’ll try not to complain
i know that’s a pisser baby

the chemicals between us
the walls that lie between us
lying in this bed
the chemicals displaced
there is no lonelier state
than lying in this bed

i want you to remember
everything you said
every driven word
like a hammer
hell to my head

the chemicals between us
the walls that lie between us
lying in this bed
the chemicals displaced
there is no lonelier face
lying in this bed

we are the hollow men
we are the naked ones
we never meant you harm
never meant you wrong
and i’d like to thank
all of my lovers, lovers, lovers….

the chemicals between us
the army of achievers
lying in this bed
the chemicals displaced
there is no lonelier state
lying in this bed

the chemicals between us
the chemicals between us
the chemicals between us

spoken: so when you come back to, are you sure it’s going on
just thought he said it was stupid, but my neighbor thinks he’s…

About The Song

wtf does that word mean?:

arose [i.v.] 1 : to get up : RISE
2 a : to originate from a source b : to come into being or to attention

pisser [n.] Vulgar Slang. 1. One that is extremely disagreeable.
2. One that is extraordinary or remarkable

Band Thoughts:

“The difference between people and how the mistake I’ve often made is, I’ll see a situation and I’ll have an understanding of it. And it will be perfectly clear to me but it’s not necessarily how the other person’s seeing it. And I was thinking the chemicals between us would be when things aren’t going so good and you’re in that lonely bed with that person and you’re not communicating”.- Gavin

‘It’s all about the differences and distances between people.’- Gavin

“i like that lyric and the fact that it was reaching out musically and moving away from the organic sound. hee hee.”- Gavin

“When you have the clarity of recording you can get away with the simplicity of one guitar, with Chemicals, it’s just me playing those stabs… But live Nigel gets bored and he plays it too. He doesn’t really like to keep quiet – he is a true lead guitar player.”- Gavin

“I’ve got Tom Morello doing a mix with Chemicals. You are the first person I have told publicly about that. In fact I’ll only tell you, that way I won’t have too much omlette on my face if it doesn’t work out.”- Gavin

“The Chemicals Between Us was one that we took a long time over. We started off with a really great live band version and then we started fiddling with it until we came up with what you hear on the album, which is a lot more tweaked and has a lot of stuff going on.”-Nigel

“Just the difference between people. Obviously, for me, it began with a specific difference with one person. We have all separate DNA and we are all individuals. There’s that great band David & David and they have that song, ‘Being Alone Together,’ a beautiful song, an incredible song, so what struck me was how lonely you can be lying in the same bed as someone, and also it goes further about the differences within yourself, and your own conflicts, mood swings and stuff. You know how you can feel one thing one day and then an hour latter you may feel another thing because life is fluid.”- Gavin

“I found an old Maestro pedal called Filter Sample Hold- you just strum and all these amazing notes come out. That was on the chrouses. The other parts are just plug in and play with no special tricks.”- Nigel

“Definitely. And it’s there in ‘The Chemicals Between Us,” which is about the basic differences we have, genetically speaking- behaviourly speaking, too- and how they affect our interactions. It struck me that sometimes the loneliest place you can be is lying in a bed with someone you’re not communicating with. You’re a million miles apart, and you can’t think of what to say, and you’re thinking the worst things, the meanest things in your head. And so is the other person. And yet no one says anything. And that’s a terrible place to be, and I think we’ve all been there.”- Gavin

“I just wanted to have a couple of songs on the record that sounded more modern.”- Gavin

“A song like ‘The Chemicals Between Us’ went through five or six different stages until we got it to where it is now.”- Gavin

“The best one I’ve got is a Maestro Filter Sample Hold which I used on ‘The Chemicals Between Us’ and ‘Letting the Cables Sleep’. It gives you an octave above and an octave below, so you can get some wicked sounds.”- Nigel

Staff Thoughts:

“I love this song!!! Mindblowingly kickass. I wore this song out from playing it. Bush just shows off their mastery of music and lyrics. And that line : and i’d like to thank all of my lovers, lovers,lovers…with the echo? How cool is that?”-Brandyn.

“I’m kinda glad that gavin & gwen were having their little quarrels, otherwise we wouldn’t have songs like these. Man oh man, just the right touch of vindictiveness, sets the song on fire.”-Laura

Fan Thoughts:

“Pretty sure that’s about Gwen too. There is a quote from Gwen saying something like “Most songs off The Science of Things are about me, but not in a positive way!” “- Hannah