by Sean O’Neill
New Times Los Angeles
April 2002

There are plenty of reasons to hate Bush. First of all, there’s that whole Gavin Rossdale gets to be with Gwen Stefani and acts all aloof about it, while she’s obviously head over ass about him thing. It’s understandable to hate him for that. ‘Cause she, to answer a question asked in this space just last week, is hot. Then there’s that whole he acted all aloof when Boy George outed him thing. Rossdale didn’t even reply. At least publicly. But that one’s a li’l trickier, ‘cause they seem to teach buggery in British boarding schools, and if bisexuals were banned from classic-rock radio, all we’d have left would be Springsteen, Cougar and George Thoroughgood, and who wants that? Then there’s the whole they started out as such an obvious Nirvana rip-off thing, but that one’s tricky too, ‘cause Nirvana was so damn great that who wouldn’t wanna sound like ‘em, and plus, Stone Temple Pilots turned out to be OK, didn’t they? And anyway, come to think of it, Rossdale was pretty damn aloof about those charges too. So, after considered reflection, there’’s your official reason to hate Bush. Gavin Rossdale is just way too aloof. Lucky fucker. With Default.