Bush: Favorites

Compiled by Bob Gulla
December 9, 1999

1. Butterfield Blues Band: East-West
Gavin Rossdale: “This was one of the first important records of my life.”

2.Graham Coxon: Sky Is Too High
“He really is an unsung aspect of Blur’s success, and this solo album proves it.”

3.Big Star: Third
“I don’t think I could find a better pop songwriter than Alex Chilton.”

4.Neil Young: Tonight’s The Night
“Neil Young is just one of those guys that can do pretty much whatever he wants, and it’ll sound OK.”

5. (missing ?)
“This is an incredible collection. There’s just so much on it that you can really sink your teeth into.”

6.Roxy Music: Siren (Remastered)
“I love the whole feel of this record. It’s really groovy.”

7. (missing ?)
“This record was huge in my life, one of my favorite records. I’ve been listening to it since I was 12. The voice and the guitar are unsurpassed. It really takes you to a different place.”

8.Television: Marquee Moon
“I listen to this for the guitar playing; I still do. I remember reading a Richard Lloyd and Tom Verlaine full-page review in NME when I was young, and I went right out and bought it.”

9.Slint: Spiderland
“There’s such great dynamics on this record; it really changed the way I heard indie rock.”