Rossdale finds life apart

Rossdale finds life apart from Stefani a drag
by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
The Los Angeles Daily News
April 16, 2002

Rock hottie Gavin Rossdale seems to be keeping a sense of humor about his catch-as-catch-can relationship with fiancee Gwen Stefani — well, pretty much.

Rossdale and his Bush bandmates are now back in London following their successful “Golden State” U.S. concert tour, a tour with dates that all too often had Bush and Gwen’s No Doubt group hitting cities only a day or so apart, just missing each other, “which was a drag,” he says with a sigh.

With two different bands pushing two different albums, when will rock’s beautiful couple find time for a wedding?

“I think around September. That’s when I’m allowed, I think,” answers Gavin dryly. And time for a honeymoon?

“I think it’s a comically small amount of time, the amount of time we’re going to get.”

Rossdale reminds that he and Gwen have never known anything but this kind of lifestyle in their six-year relationship.
So they’re used to it. And “I would always want Gwen to do what she wants to do. I’d never be the man to try to change it.”

As for whether they might consider performing jointly, he doesn’t see that happening, either. “I go to watch her play, see her working with the audiences, pointing at the boys. If I were on stage, it would be terrible. I would cramp her style.”

Not that he has time to cramp anything. Bush is busy before the cameras this week filming the video for its ” Inflatable” song with Giuseppe Capotondi directing. After that, the acclaimed British quartet returns to the States for three more weeks of shows, with Euro festivals and more U.S. dates coming up this summer.