Bush and the ultimate rock album

Free Magazine
October 2001

When their first album came out Bush was considered an one day fly, a band that discovered grunge far too late. Nowadays the opinions are changed radically. And not without a reason, because the band proved to be much more than just an one hit-wonder. With their fifth album ‘Golden State’ they show all critics again how talented they are..

The album contains – like Gavin Rossdale said in advance – a lot of heavy rock songs. ‘I wanted to make a serious rock-album, one that was really clean. A raw album. I thought that producer Dave Sardy would be the person to help us with that. He did extremely cool things with Marilyn Manson and System of a Down. So I called him and we immediately made an appointment in New York. It appeared that I already spoke to him at a party of a friend. But he didn’t say a word back then about who he was, he’s from Brooklyn and that means that he tries to be ‘cool’ looking, says a smiling Gavin.

He continues : ‘Eventually the cooperation proved to be very good and we produced a strong rock-album. Of course there had to be a cool down too, a moment at which the listener can take a deep breath and therefore we have selected “Out of this world”. That’s really the only song that I wrote in L.A. A song which is a little mysterious and maybe tripped out. It deals with the fact that when we die we only live on in the thoughts of the ones who loved us. No new life, no after-life. Just a memory for others. “When we die we go into the arms of those that remember us”. A beautiful sentence if I may say so’.


Gavin Rossdale thinks that he delivered a quite good record with his new album. He says about this : ‘When I look at all those boybands, I cannot stand them. Awful! Those people don’t even think about what they bring to their listeners. They tribute without knowing – cause all they wanna do is have fun – to the globalizing of the world. Everybody the same. Everybody with baggy trousers and Nikes. Shopping malls and cola. Just the thought! I think that’s so sad. Haha, I just realize this when I’m telling it! In any case I want to touch people with my music. Music can be strong, it can be a cold shower or a warm bath. It can move people, and that’s my goal. Don’t speak it out loud but I’m truly the happiest man on earth! I can do what I love to do best, that’s very special. Strange on the other hand, because I don’t know where all the songs come from. But thought I’m happy that I can expres myself with music. Some people haven’t got no space for that, and definitely not in their work. I can express it somewhere…thank god! It doesn’t matter whether you make a statue or write a song. You can go somewhere with your feelings and that’s the most important’.

Someone else

Gavin Rossdale is not only a happy man in his work. Also in his private life he seems to have found true happiness. Together with Gwen Stefani (leadsinger of No Doubt) he enjoys himself perfectly. Plans to get married are more often headlines in all the media. It seems to get this worse that the spontaneity of proposing is gone for Stefani and Rossdale. Gavin nevertheless likes to speak often and very passionate about her. ‘I probably know Gwen even better than she knows herself. We’ve been together for 5 1/2 years now. I met her when No Doubt wasn’t that big and they toured with us as support act. I immediately fell in love with her, but I guess everyone falls a little in love with her. She is really magical and very sweet too. We have been living together for a while now, and it seems to work out fine. Ehm.. till she realizes that this whole relationship is a mistake. Maybe she’s meeting someone else right now, and then it goes : “Sorry Gavin, but I found someone else”. I do not count on that, because I’ll go crazy when it happens. Besides, it can happen to me too, however I cannot imagine that. You just never know, you got to be realistic!’