Call Baiting

Q Magazine
December 2001

We phone someone every day for a week and ask, “What are you up to?” This month: Gavin Rossdale

Monday 12 November, 6.10 pm
‘This morning a painter friend of mine brought round a portrait of me that I don’t really like. I’m sure it’s pretty good but I’m looking really, like…beaten. In every sense. Apparently, that’s how he saw me the day we did photographs.’

Tuesday 13 November, 7.22 pm
‘I’m at home thinking about food. At the moment, my dog’s dinner’s looking uncharacteristically good. He’s a Hungarian sheepdog called Winston. Because of touring and being at Gwen’s a lot, in the kitchen I’m often looking for things that are on the other side of the Atlantic. Chili oil, usually. Who the fuck had all the chili oil?’

Wednesday 14 November, 1.50 pm
‘I’m on my way to the Tate Modern for a magazine interview where I’m meant to be acting as some kind of guide. I was meant to be having lunch with AA Gill for the Evening Standard but he called off because he knows me a bit and thought it was compromising. So that was a shame because he’s funny.’

Thursday 15th November, 7.05 pm
‘I’m on my way out to meet my dad. We’re going out for dinner because he’s retiring today. He’s been a doctor in Baker Street for about 25 years-he’s spent all his life helping people.’

Friday 16th November, 4.15 pm
‘We’re in the middle of rehearsing at The Depot in King’s Cross. I’ve felt better. The gigs are cool but I don’t really like leaving my dog. So today I just feel pissed off and non-communicative.’

Saturday 17th November, 9.30 pm
‘I’m waiting up to watch the boxing [last months’ World Heavyweight bout between Lennox Lewis and hasim Rahman], it’s on at five or something. Come on, Lewis! Even if he is Canadian. And me? I just get murdered for being successful in America and I really am English. It’s a funny one, isn’t it?’

Sunday 18 November, 3.30 pm
‘We’re just having a mad Sunday lunch for my sister’s birthday. All my relatives from Scotland are down. I’m half-Scottish, I’m a Bowie-I’m a real Bowie, not like Davey Jones. We’ve hired a room at the Babylon restaurant in Kensington and are having a very leisurely lunch. Lots of stories, cakes and speeches.’