Gavin Rossdale Better

Gavin Rossdale Better After Collapsing Onstage
by Jaan Uhelszki
April 17, 2000

Bush not expected to miss any shows after Rossdale’s collapse

Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale collapsed following the band’s Thursday night show at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. According to witnesses, the thirty-year-old Rossdale was leaving the stage of CMU’s Rose Arena after finishing the song “Little Things” when he passed out and was caught by a nearby security guard. He was then rushed backstage, paramedics were summoned and he was given oxygen for the next twenty minutes.

According to band spokesperson Michael Pagnotta, Rossdale was feeling much better yesterday and had undergone medical tests at the University of Illinois Medical Center on Saturday, prior to the band’s appearance at the school as part of MTV’s Campus Invasion Tour. “He blacked out for a little while,” Pagnotta said. “It concerned us because it has never happened to Gavin before, but he was checked out by doctors and everything seems to be OK. There’s nothing seriously wrong with him apart from putting on too many intense shows, and not maintaining a better electrolyte balance.”

Bush are not expected to cancel any dates on the tour, which also features Moby and winds up May 4 in Las Vegas. Pagnotta insisted that Rossdale would undergo more tests once he returned to England to appease his father, who is a medical doctor. In late August, Bush will return to the U.S. to kick off a major headlining tour. No dates or openers have been confirmed at this point.