Gavin Gives it Up

by Lou Carlozo
Chicago Tribune


For weeks, KidNews reporter Lou Carlozo chased after Gavin Rossdale, lead singer for British rock band Bush. When he caught up with Gavin, the dude was on tour in Europe and exhausted. But after hearing about his many KidNews fans, Gavin wrote back, answering Lou’s questions about life on the road, his fave bands and how success changed his world. So now, straight from Gavin…

Dear KidNews Readers:

Firstly, a big hello from a tired, ragged and hoarse-throated singer deep in the midst of Northern Europe. Stockholm, Sweden, at this point in the European tour is all sold out, and the shows are hot, sweaty and exactly how they should be. Anyhow, I’ve been asked a bunch of questions. I’ll do my best. … here we go. If I wasn’t playing music I don’t know what I’d be doing because music has always been my love, and even thinking about another career would have felt unfaithful. But if pushed, I’d hope it would be something creative, fun and personally rewarding — money has never been an incentive outside of basic necessities. It seems that any band’s success relies on a connection with its audience. For some, it’s the excitement of the music, for others the lyrics, and hopefully it’s the combination. Every night that we play, no matter where we are in the world, I see people losing themselves in what we do. Bands should provoke you, leaving you with more than you arrived with somehow… some effect, some emotion — it doesn’t matter what, it’s all about feeling. And, therefore, the idea that alternative music is on the way out is maybe only an indication that too many alternative bands are not affecting people. I like many different types of music. The common link between them all is that, for me, they’re all from the heart. My favourite bands range from Shellac, My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus Lizard, Bob Marley, Pixies, Nirvana, Hole to Tricky, NIN, Tupac, Spain and Chet Baker to name just a few. I suppose the hardest thing about being in Bush is simply to be away all the time — hotel rooms can be lonely. And obviously if you sell a few records apparently you become a target for the critics. People get really brave at their word processor. When they get personal or manically subjective it’d be good to meet them face to face. But if only… My life obviously revolves around music, so going to see bands is what I like to do with my friends. Obviously, seeing my friends is a bit of a luxury in itself. It’s pretty strange what can happen after selling a few records. Obviously people treat you well, but usually you can spot the suckers a mile off. If not, well, life is too short and since there’s not even enough time for the real good people in our lives, there’s little room for the backstabbers. Though of course being a Scorpio, I can’t help fixating on revenge sometimes.