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No Doubt About It (newspaper article, exact source unknown)

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are so in love, they’re getting married…twice.

At Monday’s Hollywood premiere for the Vin Diesel action flick “XXX” (Rossdale recorded the theme song), Stefani, 32, revealed they will wed first in a small ceremony in London, then fly to L.A. a few days later for a rock ‘n’ roll blowout.

The No Doubt singer will wear the same custom-made John Galliano gown to both events. The rest of the details are up to Rossdale. “He’s our wedding planner,” she told reporter Sean Daly.

“The hardest part is making sure that you remember to invite everyone you should,” said Rossdale.

One person they won’t forget is Interscope Records President Jimmy Iovine.

“He has offered to give us [the L.A.] reception as a gift,” said Stefani

“It doesn’t matter who you are- if I worked in the same McDonald’s as Gavin [Rossdale], and he worked at the fryer, there are going to be trust issues: Is he flirting with the girl behind the french fries?”- Gwen Steffani , on marriage- Rolling Stone, 5 Sept 2002

No Doubt’s Anniversary Party
by Neil Strauss
rolling stone January 31,2002

‘œ….In 1995, performing at the same holiday concert for local radio station KROQ proved a pivotal moment for the group and its breakthrough album, Tragic Kingdom,….., band into international superstars. It was also the night that Stefani met Gavin Rossdale, the singer of the show’s headlining band, Bush, setting off a six-year relationship that continues to this day….’

‘œ…There’s only one thing she’s more excited about right now, and that’s spending time with Gavin Rossdale. ‘Can you ever know that one person is the one?’ she asks. ‘I’m always questioning that. I think we both question that. The one year that I think we had so much fun together was this year, because we spent so much time together and got to really know each other.’ she pauses. ‘Not that we didn’t know each other already.’ She pauses again. ‘I just can’t believe it’s been six years!….’

‘…Later, backstage, Rossdale arrives in No Doubt’s dressing room, slumping around in a hat pulled anonymously over his eyebrows. Stefani, enthroned at the back of the room, spies him and seems unable to focus on the conversation she is having with a friend. Soon, the happy couple leaves arm in arm. Thus begins a pattern that continues in the next week: Every time Rossdale arrives, he and Stefani disappear.

It’s not simply that they want to be alone. Stefani says that in six years, they have never been together around a journalist. They are adamant about keeping their relationship private. And despite how clearly in love they are, their time together hasn’t been easy. Much of Rock Steady is about how hard it is having a relationship that’s not only long distance but also between two people in different touring rock bands.

Stefani remembers writing a song with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics. ‘The day before we went over there, I was in the park with Gavin, and I had been keeping a journal.’ she says. ‘And we were so in love, and I wrote that line, ‘You’re lovely underneath it all.’ You know, like, ‘After all the shit we’ve been through, you’re a really good person. I really think I light like you.’…’

‘…There seem to be two things that make her world go around: Rossdale and No Doubt…’

‘…Outside of the first boy she kissed, Stefani has dated only two people: Kanal and Rossdale…’

In Brief
rolling stone- March 29, 2001

‘Speaking of Stefani, her boyfriend of four years, Bush- man Gavin Rossdale, has announced that the pair will marry before year’s end. Rossdale is currently in the studio with Marilyn Manson producer Dave Sardy.’

Don’t think, just listen: Gwen Stefani and the boys arrive as a band.
No Doubt
Return of Saturn
by Barry Walters
rolling stone April 27 2000

‘…Stefani matches the guys’ power with a serious restless streak, laying out her ongoing relationship with Bush’s Gavin Rossdale with humor and humility. ‘I’d out you on like a diamond,’ she admits in ‘Too Late,’ ‘so I can sparkle and be the envy of my friends.’ Yet as she depicts it in ‘Suspension Without Suspense’ and ‘Home Now,’ their long-distance alliance breeds jealousy, loneliness and lingering uncertainty….’

No Doubt
Music from big pink
by Toure
rolling stone July 6-20 2000

‘…Upstairs there’s her bedroom….and a picture of Gwen and her boyfriend of the past four years, Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

Gavin is a figure rarely seen- the two have never lived on the same continent- but hes everywhere in her existence. On her left hand is a pair of simple silver bands: On one, in Old English script, it says GWEN, on the other GAVIN. On the floor of her lime-green Jaguar (‘I wanted an old-lady car,’ she explains), there are empty water bottles and a backstage laminate for the current Bush world tour. Much of Return is about him, including ‘Ex-girlfriend,’ ‘Bathwater’ and the so-subtle ‘Marry Me.’ ‘He’s a big inspiration on the record,’ Gwen says. ‘It’s really good right now, except that we don’t get to see each other. We go in and out of being really in love and ‘Oh, my God, I’ve gotta get out of this thing.’ It’s the hardest, hardest relationship to be in. But we can’t help ourselves, so four years later we’re still trying to do it.’

Every relationship needs a flower and a gardener, but Gavin and Gwen seem to be two flowers trying to make a go of it. A while back, she and Gavin were on tour in Europe, close enough that they could be together at night. ‘One night I got home and my trainer is like, ‘You’re gonna work out right now.’ I ended up getting to [Gavin’s] house at three in the morning, and he was upset. We were both so needing to come home to someone who was like, ‘Oh, honey, let me take care of you,’ but we had no energy to give to each other.’ She sighs. ‘Sometimes I think there’s not enough space in the room- we both take up a lot- but sometimes it’s just perfect balance….’