Ansley :: Mumbai, India ::: I got your package today. It is awesome. I cannot stop jumping with joy :-) I really love it.

Thank you so so much. I know I will never see Gavin or hear Gavin perform live, but this is as good as meeting him :-) I'm so happy.

I can't believe it. I've got an autograph from Gavin Rossdale with my name on it. Superb :-)

Laura/Jason, please tell me at which show did you guys get him to sign this poster for me. Did he ask you guys who I was.....

Freakin amazing. Guys thanks so much. I'm speechless at the moment. I just can't stop smiling.

Thanks a million. It is an amazing gift. I will never forget this for the rest of my life.

Oscar :: House of Blues Orlando ::: So heres my setlist review for Gavin Rossdale at the house of blues Orlando. This setlist is in perfect order, except for "This is happiness" my phone didnt record the order for that song. So much for technology. As well as getting to meet him for the third time and having a full on conversation, on some insight on this tour and whats next.

FUGITIVE (very surprised to hear this one)
LANDSLIDE (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
BULLET PROOF SKIN (the energy was insane when they played this)
THIS IS HAPPINESS (not sure if this song belongs in this order)

They seemed to have used the same intro keyboard effect for both everything zen and bulletproof skin. After the show I asked him about the spots he missed on the tour (south florida, etc) And he began to explain how they (label/management) planned out his tour as a adult contemporary market, he used "love remains the same"(ballad) as an example. He was basically stating they planned the tour out to hit the areas for that demographic. He said he pleaded for a more extended tour, and asked for a rock single to be let out from the get go. Which they now plan on using "this is happiness". He said it would rely on how well that single does in order to estimate how much further touring would take place for "Wanderlust". He also stated he is planning to start working on a new album in july that will consist of 9 songs. he said quote "9 songs, I think is perfect" . Like I said this is as I heard it last night responding to my question and another fans question. Its really clear on how much he misses the rock spectrum of radio, from last nights reply. All in all it was a great show, and he seemed very enthusiastic about everything. It was by far one of the best moments of my life.

Very special thanks to
Jason (sleepycables)
laura from onesecond bush
and everyone else that was there and made the night even more explosive

Tracy :: 9:30 Club ::: I didn't get an actual set list as they were all out by the time I could ask.. :( But I can say he didn't play much Institute.. And according to memory, he played more Bush songs than Wanderlust songs. He did a cover of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac but that might be just at 9:30 Club since he mentioned something "weird" he did here before. He did Comedown, Glycerine, Everything Zen.. Mostly Sixteen Stone-era songs.. He did People that We Love.. Chemicals Between Us.. Adrenaline.. Drive.. The singles from Wanderlust of course.. That's in no particular order and I'm forgetting a few.. I was just so happy to just see him after not being to a show in 10 years, I was way into the show. When I remember more, I'll let you know. :) Also, I'm going to try to make it to another show around here if money permits, and if I can get my hands on a set list, a copy's all yours. :)

mentalarmor :: Portland, OR ::: A great show was given to Portland last night as Gavin was firing on all cylinders along with the rest of the band. There's no question that Gavin knows how to both rock, and entertain a crowd. His vocals were dead on, clear, crisp, and easily heard and his playing was top notch.

I'm not one to push a great review unless I truly believe it was a stellar show, so believe me when I say, catching Gavin Rossdale on this tour is something you just don't want to miss.

I've been to numerous shows of top rock acts ranging from Tool all the way to a band like Incubus (and everything in between) and I can honestly say from an entertainment and musical standpoint, this will now be the show by which all others are measured. I've followed Gavin Rossdale/Bush since 1996; thus this was over a decade in the making for me. I was far from being disappointed!

Gavin began playing in a calm, cool, and collected manner but it wasn't long before he was all over the stage in energetic fashion. He spoke plenty to the crowd and his friendly chatter was backed up by his constant eye-contact and motioning to fans as he played throughout the lengthy set-list.

Blended perfectly throughout this set was material from Bush, Institute, and Gavin's solo work both on Wanderlust and other mediums such as soundtracks. Not to mention we got even a sit-down, acoustic song.

Much appreciation to his supporting band and technical crew; without them, it likely wouldn't have been as clear and enjoyable from a strictly audio standpoint.

Steve (The Sixthman) :: One Splendid Evening ::: Gavin Rossdale played some acoustic songs off of his new solo album which left me quite impressed. I've been a fan of Gavin since his days in Bush, and his new stuff has a completely different sound...I dig it. Something about his voice allows him to sing in any situation, from 'Machinehead' and 'Swallowed' to 'Love Remains the Same.'

Monika :: Abilene, KS ::: I attended the Extreme Home Makeover's concert given by Gavin Rossdale in Chapman, KS. It was wonderful! Cold, but wonderful. Mr. Rossdale is not only a great musician, but he's also a gentleman. He stayed late and met with fans, posed for pictures, and signed autographs for quite some time. His bright smile was more than enough to warm the cold, blustery Kansas night. Anyone in that audience could tell his heart was poured into the songs he performed, and it especially flowed in the Tutwiler family's direction. It was a good call on ABC's part to include him in the final moments of "The Extreme Home Makeover" Chapman edition's reveal day. Not to sound like a commercial...but I'm definitely going to buy his new cd "Wanderlust" because it seems the live "preview" was just the beginning of a much needed musical journey.

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