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Movie And An Album

Two things: first, I went and saw ‘Little Black Book’. Even though Gavin was playing some coffee shop guy..he still oozed of Gavin. He had way more speaking lines than I expected, so for that I guess it was worth going. This movie though is typically the type of movie that I would wait if it came on HBO or something. But, since I got blasted by the hurricane & had no power, what else was I to do.

Next: SACHA!!! yes the man himself. Sacha was nice enough to pop in with a small update. He’s in the states right now on holiday, but got new music coming out in September.. If you haven’t heard about this collaboration yet it’s called ‘Remasterpiece‘. Click on the album title to go to the web site.. there’s all kinds of cool things to look at (video footage & music clips), plus you try your chance at winning the album!!