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00:00:01: You’ve been with Bush since basically the beginning. Starting out as their driver and switching over to head of security. The fans love seeing you on the road and can not get enough of you. Are you still going to be working with the band on tour? Will you be at any of the upcoming shows this fall?

Bone: Let me thank you again for all the work you did to try and help me get on “SURVIVOR” sure wish I made it! Ya, it’s very exciting to think of Gav being back on stage as “BUSH” We talk once or twice a week, mostly about life and where it has taken us, me into being an “Old Fart” and his life as a Husband, Father and Artist. The new Bush concept Album and initial Tour I have not been involved with simply because in these early stages there is not enough for me to do and as you know I’ve had a series of other commitments to other Artists for the year. Hopefully as Bush gathers a renewed strength I will become as intimately involved as ever! And as far as the “BUSH” fans go I have always “LOVED” you all and the interaction with you guys have been some of my favorite times in my 33 years out here!

00:00:01: What did you do for your most memorable birthday and what age were you?

Bone: As far as my favorite birthday I can only say it was 12 years ago and in a “LEAR JET” with my “BUSH” brothers!

00:00:01: The world is going to finish in 1 hour. How are you going to spend that hour?

Bone: If I only had a hour left of life I would certainly spend it with my wife and daughters in my arms!

00:00:01: In addition to touring with Bush you mentioned working with other artists and bands such as Journey, REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, The Pogues. Which band or artist has been the easiest to work with and which one has been the most difficult?

Bone: The worst artist ever were the “KINKS” Other than them I have been blessed with the greatest clients a man could ask for in this business!

00:00:01: What is your favorite sound?


00:00:01: If you are planning on hitting the road with Bush what are you looking forward to, if anything?

Bone: When the time is right I very much look forward to being part of the new “BUSH” family.

00:00:01: Do your friends call you Bone or is that just a nickname you have on tour? And how did it come about?

Bone: The name “BONE” came about the first year I toured and yes that is almost my real name, even my kids call me “BONE” There are men I’ve worked with for 30 years that don’t know my real name! Laura, thank you for always being so faithful to us and working to keep “BUSH” alive. My Warmest affection, “BONE