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I wish I could tell you someone has decided to do a documentary on Bush, but they’re not. Almost two years ago I was approached by someone doing a documentary about another band called Silkworm. They were trying to track down footage of one of the ex-members, Andy Cohen, playing with Bush.

“Nigel Pulsford appears in our film. As you might know, Andy Cohen, the guitar player for Silkworm, filled in for Nigel for six shows with Bush in September of 1999.”

Well, I knew Nigel was out for a week while his wife was giving birth and someone had filled in him. I just never really knew who that was.

Accompanying this request was the list of 6 shows that Andy played. All I could think was ‘needle in a haystack’. One – what are the chances that someone recorded one of those 6 shows? Two – what are the odd of me finding a copy?

Long story short… the bootleg list on my site confirmed someone recorded the last show Andy played… and I was able to track down a girl who had a copy. For the next year I tried, as well as the guy making the film, to get this girl to make a copy and help out. She was NOT willing to help either of us. Sounds like her Bush Army membership has expired! So that was the end of that.

I had not heard anything in about 8 months when I was contacted again by the filmmaker. He sounded disappointed and defeated that we were not able to come up with anything especially since we were so close. He was willing to settle for live audio of the crowd cheering at any Bush show. This I could do.

I had an idea (I always have an idea), I remember that way back when I was asking around that Abe (another die hard Bush fan) had offered me audio of the same show I was trying to get on video. So I got with Abe, he dug through his stuff, found the audio copy and to my amazement he found a video copy too!

So thanks to Abe the filmmaker finally received what he was looking for! The documentary is still being worked on, but I will post more information once it is released. And that folks… is how you spread the Bush love. :)