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‘The Sound of Winter’ Snowboard Trip

This is a nationwide contest, but you can only enter if your local radio station is hosting this contest. Below is a list of phone number (cause each station is assigned a different number) and participating stations. I’m trying to track down as many as possible. This is an iHeartRadio sponsored event, so Radio stations affiliated with them will most likely host this contest.

Contest Details:

The Sound of Winter with Bush Contest

Nothing says ROCK like having your own custom, one of a kind snowboard made from a rock star’s guitar.

You and three friends will fly to Los Angeles and meet Bush at Signal Snowboard Factory. You’ll pick up your new snowboard designed by Gavin Rossdale and made from his guitar, and your friends will get new boards too! Then Bush will play a private acoustic set for you at the snowboard factory.

Afterwards, you and your guests head to Big Bear for the weekend and put the snowboards to use. We’ll even give you and your entourage $10,000 to buy some cool new snowboarding apparel! You and your friends will also receive iPads loaded with the new iHeartRadio app and Bush’s entire music catalogue including their new single “Baby Come Home”.

Listen weekdays for the cue to call, when you hear it, be the 20th nationwide caller for an instant $1000 and a shot at that sick trip with Bush.

Participating Stations:

Albuquerque, NM: 104.1 The Edge: 1-855-850-1122:
Listen for times

Ames-Des Moines, IA: New Rock 105.1: 1-877-565-WINS (9467):
Follow Twitter for CALL NOW times

Bakersfield, CA: 106.1 KRAB: 1-877-565-WINS (9467):
Listen for times

Charlotte, NC: 106.5 The End: 1-877-599-2WIN: (2946):
Listen to 1065 The END for the cues-to-call between 8:05am to 8:05pm, weekdays. When there is a que to call it will be at :05 or :35 past the hour, but not every hour.

Dallas, TX: 102.1 The Edge: 1-877-599-2WIN (2946):
listen at 7:05am & 9:05am

Dayton, OH: New Rock 103.9:
Listen for call times

Denver, CO: Channel 93.3: 1-877-599-2WIN (2946):
Just listen for the cue to call at 8am every weekday

Fairbanks, AK: 104.7 The Edge: 1-877-565-9497:
Listen for call times

Honolulu, HI: Star 101.9: 1-877-565-9497:
Listen for call times

Houston, TX: 94.5 The Buzz:
Listen for call times

Indianapolis, IN: X103:
Listen weekdays for the cue to call

Louisville, KY: 93.1 The Fox:
Listen for call times

Manchester, NH: Rock 101:
Listen for call times, they’re running both Motley Crue & Bush

Philadelphia, PA: Radio 104.5: 1-877-565-9467 (WINS)
Listen to Radio 104.5 weekdays at 8:05a, 12:05p, & 4:05p

Pittsburgh, PA: 105.9 The X:
Listen for call times

Portsmouth, NH: 100.3 WHEB:
Listen for call times, they’re running both Motley Crue & Bush

Richmond, VA: New Rock 102.1:
Listen for call times

San Diego, CA: Rock 105.3: 1-877-599-2-WIN (2946):
Listen for 6 chances to win daily

Sarasota, FL: 105.9 The Buzz:
Listen weekdays for the cue to call

Tallahassee, FL: X101.5:
Listen weekdays for the cue to call

Washington, DC: DC 101: 1-855-850-1122
Follow them on Twitter for call times @DC101

Contest Breakdown (what’s really going on):

A number of radio stations are hosting this contest which runs from 1/16-2/24. Q1 Ultimate Cash Contest Winner’s Bonus Prize Giveaways. It’s nationwide. So the 20th caller wins $1000. It happens weekdays from 7am-8pm (times vary per area). You do NOT win the Bush prize just yet (only $1000).

During the 6 week period all of the people that win the $1000 have their name go into a ‘Bonus Drawing’. On Feb 27th, a winner will be chosen from that group. That prize will be the Bush ‘The Sound of Winter’ Snowboard prize.

Here’s the tricky part… This contest is being promoted 10 different ways. What do I mean? Not every station in the US plays Bush, so there are 9 other prize options being given away.

Eg. ‘My Weekend with Sir Paul’, ‘Live Like Rihanna for a Weekend’, ‘The Ultimate Napa Valley Experience with Train’, etc.

Other stations will be promoting these contests, but all the $1000 winner’s names will go into the same ‘winning pool’. So you may want Bush while some other dude wants to live it up with Paul McCartney. This is where the rules are fuzzy. I’m not sure if 1 winner total is being chosen OR 1 winner for each bonus prize. They are basing your entry on which phone number you used to call in and/or call time, so that is the prize you are eligible for (that part is fuzzy too).