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ReThink Breast Cancer

My Darkest Day is currently on tour with Bush and Nickelback. Sal Coz Costa posted this note below at the beginning of they tour:

“ATTN FANS: Cancer took the life of my uncle, but it didn’t take the life of my grandmother. Because of constant scientific research, we are getting closer and closer to a cure for cancer. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor because of awareness. I am lucky to still have her in my life. As a tribute, I have hooked up with Kramer/Gibson Guitars and a great organization called ‘ReThink Breast Cancer’ to create this custom made, one of a time Pink Flying V which I will be playing on the whole tour. At the end of the tour, Nickelback, Bush, Seether, and My Darkest Days will be signing this guitar and it will be auctioned off. The highest bidder gets to keep this guitar, and all the money will go towards breast cancer research. We have the ability to save lives, so why not try. More details will be coming soon!!! Much love.”

Check back with My Darkest Days Facebook at their end of their tour for more information if you’re interested in the auction.