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Couldn’t You Wait?

Nigel Pulsford hasn’t made many (if any) appearances in the public eye since his split with Bush in 2002. In 2013, however, he appeared in a documentary about the band Silkworm. I have known about this documentary since 2009 while it was still in production, but I was unaware that it finally came out last year. So, I’m a little sad that it’s taken me almost a year and a half to see.

The reason Nigel is in this movie is because during his Bush days he had to miss a number of shows on The Science of Thing tour. In his place Andy Cohen of Silkworm performed. In the movie Nigel share his thoughts and Andy gives his take on the situation. Even Steve Albini speaks on how things all came about.

Back in 2009, I was contacted to help track down some live footage of a Bush show that featured Andy. This wasn’t easy considering he was at less than 10 shows and not every show gets filmed. After almost 2 years, success. The footage made it into the movie and I even managed to get a shout out in the credits under special thanks.

Download the movie now: Couldn’t You Wait?.