Sacha Puttnam Biography

Former Member – 1999-2002

If you followed Bush closely during their tour for The Science of Things and Golden State then you should already be familiar with the name Sacha. Alexander ‘Sacha’ Puttnam was never listed as part of the ‘official’ band line up. However, he was given credit on one of the Bush’s albums The Science of Things for piano on the track Letting the Cables Sleep and for strings on the tracks 40 Miles From the Sun, English Fire and Letting the Cables Sleep. He toured with the band for two albums from 1999-2002 playing keyboard.

Sacha had been acquainted with Gavin Rossdale for since the 1980’s before playing with Bush. He had previously been in a band called Midnight with Gavin Rossdale from 1986-1987 in the UK. The band did a number of shows throughout the UK and released only a couple of singles. Later the pair continued on in a band known as the Little Dukes.

Sacha was born on April 5, 1966. Being the son of a noted film director Lord David Puttnam, he made some film appearances in his early days as a child. Later, Sacha studied in Russia, as well as Berkley, CA, as a composer and conductor. Some of his former students included the children of Tony Blair (Former Prime Minister of England).

Sacha returned to his classical music roots once Bush split in 2002. He appeared on Chris Coco’s album in 2002 entitled Next Wave, which was more of an ambient style of music. Later he did a full collaboration of classical music with Chris Coco and on the album Remasterpiece. More recently, Sacha released a solo album in July 2014 entitled Puttnam Plays Puttnam.

Sacha is currently working and living in Ireland as a composer and arranges music for many mediums including movies, advertising, television and radio. He has one daughter, Ava May, that was born in 2005.