Dave Parsons


Belated Birthdays!

Happy Belated Birthday to Corey Britz, who celebrated yesterday! Also, another Happy Belated Birthday to former Bush bassist, Dave Parson, who celebrated on July 1st.

Lots of Birthday Wishes Dave!

Happy Birthday to Dave Parsons! We miss you as part of the Bush team and hoping that your Birthday is filled with love and loads of wishes coming true.

Blow Out Those Candles

Happy Birthday Dave!!! Where ever you may be. For those who have not already discovered this, I have set up a OneSecondBush at MySpace account. I’ve have loads of new stuff coming!

Dave’s Birthday

I want to send out an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to DAVE!! I’d buy you a beer but I don’t know where you are!! Stop by anytime. Also, for all the latest news on Institute, please visit my spin off site devoted to Institute.