Rollingstone Magazine interview Gavin Rossdale

In case you missed it, Rollingstone interview Gavin Rossdale about the latest album and his transition from Bush to going solo and back to Bush.

Rolloingstone interview

Gavin Rossdale interview with ‘The Untitled Magazine’

Download the app for ‘The Untitled Magazine’ to read the Gavin Rossdale article and interview. They also include a behind the scenes video of the photo shoot they did with Gavin. Once you download the app, go to the store within the app and download The Legendary issue 7 (not the Brooke Shields cover).

Link to App

Gavin talks with Fuse about the upcoming music video for ‘The Only Way Out’

Gavin Rossdale sat down with Fuse to talk about Bush’s new single. He gives insight on the concept for the music video for their new single. Watch the interview on Fuse.

Watch on Fuse

Gavin Rossdale appears on Eliot in the Morning on DC101

This morning Gavin Rossdale stopped by DC101 with Eliot in the Morning to answer some questions about the new album. Listen to Podcast now

USA Today Interview with Gavin Rossdale

“Bush premieres new single, ‘The Only Way Out'” read the full article and interview with Gavin Rossdale as he discusses Bush’s new album ‘Man on the Run’.

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