Sacha Puttnam


Double Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Nigel & Sasha! A fellow fan (Jurgens) sent in some cool wallpapers and a song he made himself called ‘Everything Zen (Dream Lush bootleg)‘, check it out! He did a great job on all!!

New Daddy

Congratulations to Sacha, who is soon to become a father. Sacha is expecting a new baby girl. Happy parenting Sasha!! You can leave a message to Sacha over at his own website


Happy Birthday Sacha!! For all those who want to get Sacha gift.. go buy his new album ‘Remasterpiece‘.

Gavin On Screen

Constantine is out!! The latest reviews are only dishing out a measily C+ at Yahoo!, none the less it’s worth seeing Gavin delivering the goods. Also, the Gavin hoopla is being spread to the tv airways. Last Wednesday Gav appeared on Conan. So if ya missed it.. too bad. But more to come this week, Catch him on Oprah, Last Call with Carson Daily, & Jimmy Kimmel Live.. click here for dates & showtimes.
For those of you who have been awaiting the release of ‘Remasterpiece’ the time has almost come. Sacha’s lastest album has been pushed back so many times I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be released. You can pre-order you copy now at Amazon. The newest release date is set for February 28.

Gavin and Sacha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAVIN!!!! I just wanted to get that out of my system before I move on to other news. As trashy as this my be, Gavin & Gwen made the cover of the November issue of Star Magazine. It’s one of the most popular trash magazines out there. I was just suprised that they thought Gavin’s trash was cover worthy. So, congrats for making the cover.

More Sacha update, Sacha’s own web site ( is back up in action again. It’s way more extensive then the original site. Also, his new collaberate album (Remasterpiece) which was due out in September has now been pushed back to be released on January 3, so hang in there, it’s coming. I want to thank Sacha for keeping and touch and keeping us up to date. THANK YOU!!!

Movie And An Album

Two things: first, I went and saw ‘Little Black Book’. Even though Gavin was playing some coffee shop guy..he still oozed of Gavin. He had way more speaking lines than I expected, so for that I guess it was worth going. This movie though is typically the type of movie that I would wait if it came on HBO or something. But, since I got blasted by the hurricane & had no power, what else was I to do.

Next: SACHA!!! yes the man himself. Sacha was nice enough to pop in with a small update. He’s in the states right now on holiday, but got new music coming out in September.. If you haven’t heard about this collaboration yet it’s called ‘Remasterpiece‘. Click on the album title to go to the web site.. there’s all kinds of cool things to look at (video footage & music clips), plus you try your chance at winning the album!!

Turntable Symphonies

In conjunction with yesterday’s news,’The Current’ (the song that Gavin did with the Blue Man Group) will also be used in the upcoming movie ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’. The movie is schedule to hit theaters on July 7th.

More news on Sacha’s latest work. His upcoming album entitled ‘Turntable Symphonies’ will not be a full length album. It will only contain around 6 tracks. Date of release has yet to be established. In the meantime, you can check out the songs that have already been posted on his web site.

Chris Coco

Just in, I saw this posted over at the Forum. There are some updates on Chris Coco’s web site about some new material he’s working. What does this have to do with Bush? Well, both Chris Traynor & Sacha Puttnam are involved with Chris’s next album. They also helped out on his last album too. Check out the photos posted, it looks like they wer taken in the studio.