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September 2011: Ax Facts & Stats with Chris Traynor

By Dave B. Roberts (Photo copyright courtesy Joseph Llanes). Check out this interview in its entirety featured in the forthcoming Ax Facts & Stats Volume 2 book due for release SOON, featuring Q&As not featured in the online interviews!

My name is:
Chris Traynor

My current job is:
playing lead guitar in the band Bush.

My hometown:
Topanga, CA.

My current album or project is:
Bush’s new album, The Sea of Memories.

Former bands:
Helmet, Orange 9mm, Rival Schools, Institute, Gavin Rossdale’s solo work.

My guitar influences growing up were:
Jimmy Page, Robert Fripp, Richard Lloyd.

The guitars I use are:
Gibson Les Pauls, Cobra Guitars, Asher Guitars.

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